3 Years Left|Rap

Three years till I’m gone.
Three years then I’m born.
Three years till I’m free.
Three years then I’m me.
In three years I’ll be done.
Just three years then I’ll run.
Can’t wait for the fun.
Fresh sun here I come.

Three years is some time
But I’m willing to wait
Cause it’d be a crime
To fall prey to their bait
They’ll try and keep me down
But I’m too far ahead
Been dreaming of this
And I’ll fight till I’m dead.

Three years till I rise.
Three years till I fly
Away from this hellhole
To my paradise
In three years I will have
Conquered all my fears
Cause after three years
I’ll be out my dear.

Three years seems long
And yeah I’m not sure
But I have to have faith
Cause that’s always the cure.

Well till then I will wait
With my head up in flames
But trust me three years
Goes by in a daze.

Hey 🙂 I hope you guys liked it because be honest it’s fine if you didn’t but I just wanted to know if you enjoy my raps or if they’re any good or what…so ya please tell me what you think 🙂 This one is about how in three years I’ll be 18 and be legally allowed to do whatever I want (kinda) and so I’ll travel and go out anywhere but here but till then..I gotta wait but it’s worth it. I’m really happy nowadays and that’s actually all thanks to BTS (refer to my post Bangtan Sonyeondan if you are unfamiliar) and of course my friends Edha ( I know you’ll see this ) and Nina (Edha tell Nina about this too) for always being there with my mood swings 😛 I hope I don’t bother you too much.. And lastly I will not forget those 3 or 4 people who regularly like my posts and read them.. you make me so happy.. You know who you are 🙂 I LOVE THE WORLD


The End.

Hey… sorry guys but I’ll get straight to the point.

This is probably, mostly, unfortunately my last post. I’m not going to continue this blog anymore and it’s not because I don’t like it or something. PLEASE I LOVE WORDPRESS MORE THAN WIFI (almost). But, lately, the reason I haven’t been updating is because I don’t have anything to write and the other being…I have lost interest in writing and maintaining a blog. I will still write in notebooks and such when I suddenly want to write something or feel like I should note something down but I don’t really think I’ll post it publicly anymore. I’ve changed a little thats all. From the beginning of this blog, its been sometime.. I’ve loved the journey till here and I only have you and two other people to thank for that. Thanks for being an awesome support system guys. For a 16 year old girl…I’m going to need all the support I can get. I hope you liked my posts till now and I hope you all continue to blog because you all are freaking talented but maybe this is the end of the road for me. I don’t know if I’ll make a new one later or just.. I don’t know. And I like that I don’t know. I’ll just see where everything takes me and…yeah. Thanks again guys. It means a lot that random people all over the world actually like something about me; which surprises me everyday. I won’t take down my account because all the posts I’ve posted are really precious to me so I want to keep them the way they are so you guys can stop waiting for my posts (as if we wait Megha! you think we have no lives bruh??).

Cool so…signing off then 🙂 Thanks again for everything. Who knows I may randomly come back in a few weeks and be like LOL JK. But in the unlikely event that that will happen, I’ll see you. Stay healthy and be happy ok? The world needs more confident people. Let’s give em some.

♥Forever and Always Welcoming Change♥

Love is just a phase.|Poem

What do I do when I miss you?
I don’t even know how you are
What do I do when I want to talk to you?
Why do you have to be so far?

Whether I’m happy or sad
I want to tell you first
But what can I do when you’re not here?
Why do I have to be cursed?

You don’t seem to miss me
While I’m crying on this side
I know you can’t do anything about that
But why do you want to hide?

We talk now and then
But that also got cut short
Because of your great friends
And other people of that sort.

What about our future?
What about forever and always?
What about happily ever after?
Love is just a phase.

130 days of summer~

Hey I know its been a while since I posted but I’ve actually just not had anything to write. I used to complain about a lot of things when I started this blog but you know..I still do but I feel like I’ve definitely grown up a little. Anyway this post isn’t going to be interesting or anything…as always, just my thoughts-not so interesting lol.

I have 4 months of vacation since I’m shifting from ICSE to IB curriculum and for all the people who want four months of vacation…if you’re not going anywhere out of the country or anything..it’s really no fun. 4 months is a long time although it’s going by pretty fast for me since its already June. I honestly have nothing to say but I thought I would just share how much you can grow and find out more about yourself if you’re just given enough time. I haven’t become a saint or anything haha…its just that I’m not sad and that’s a really good start. Not being happy does not mean being sad. That’s where I’m at. And I’m completely okay with it. In these 4 months, I really didn’t do much. I had millions of things planned but you know what? Right now… I don’t regret not doing those things. I’m glad I decided to just chill and worry about future problems in the future.

Ah I’m sorry I don’t even know where this post is going. My point is just that… I’m doing alright. That’s literally all haha. I’m just proud of where I am and even though in 10th grade, everyone got better results than me…I’m happy with mine. I have the most amazing friends who really care for me and that’s more than enough. I am loving my body the way it is right now and although I want to be a little thinner, I’m in no rush. I cut my hair and I’m loving the new look. I don’t shave my legs and to me..that’s okay. I don’t have a boyfriend and I honestly don’t want one.I keep repeating those things because that’s all that’s important to people my age. I’m not happy but I’m not sad and I’m happy that I’m not sad. That’s about it. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, try to put your well being before others because you matter most in your life. Refuse to be unhappy ok? You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live. Thanks for being with me all this way. I hope you all sincerely like my blog because I don’t do it for the views. Thank you for everything ❤

≤Forever and Always≥

I’m proud of myself.

Hey. The 14th of May may not be an important date for anyone or even me in the future but that day, my number would come out. My label. The number that decides how much my future is worth. As the clock hit 3 pm…the world stopped for a second. I logged in to the website and checked my individual scores. Good, good, pretty good, shit, shit, good,good. Overall alright. My number is 88. 88%. That’s how much I got on my board exams in 10th grade. At first I had calculated wrong and got 84% and I was so devastated because my goal was 85+. I didn’t hope for more than that because I am a realist. I know my level of skills and I will not unnecessarily raise my expectations because I should be “optimistic.”

I got 88% and instantly compared myself to my friends who all got above 90%. Sure that’s okay. Ha I was kidding. I cried until I couldn’t breathe. Then I told myself I’m a failure. Hear me out. I’m gonna get better I promise. I went to school on the 16th..only to find out that the results will be plastered on the wall for the whole world to see. Awesome. I didn’t dare go close. Then somebody came and told me I’m on the topper list. Ha for what? Failing? Yep. I went and saw…I topped Commercial Applications. Don’t get me wrong, I saw my marks for it before and I was happy but I didn’t think I would top. Along with my other classmate who also got the same marks as me, we both were toppers in commercial applications. It was my other dream since 4th grade to be on that stage. To be an achiever. A topper. In anything, I told myself. Any subject. The other one was that I would become part of the Student Council. I’ve done both. Guys…I’m so proud of myself.

Love myself. Love yourself.

♥Forever and Always♥


Hey! Back at it again!! I just realized I’ve been to many places in India but never made a DESTINATION post about it. I started it with Dubai thinking I’ll go to a lot of international places but who am I kidding? Its cool I like India too ❤ Anyway, we went to Goa in April as a celebration for the completion of my board exams! There was nothing much to do other than go to the beach but obviously sunsets and sunrises means only two things: get a tan! (hahahaha I meant for white people. I’m fifty shades of brown) and pictures! So I took some instagram-worthy pictures but I ain’t looking for likes:



I’m pretty good right? Well either way I praise myself because nobody will so I’m covered don’t worry. Hehe. Anyway we stayed in the resort mostly and the beach was right behind the resort so it was easily to go there every morning and night. Sadly, it was a little humid but come on, it’s the beach..who cares? We ate at an amazing restaurant-bar called Martin’s Corner and the food there was OMG; the cheesecake,the noodles,the fries (yes I had fries but they were out of this world) and even the ambience was amazing. You know why? It was for foreigners obviously. I hate not being white sometimes.IMG_7384

The height of the trip was probably the boat ride but its not like I’ve never been on one but the landscape was really nice!


That’s all we did in a span of 4 days and even though it was hot, sticky and kind of annoying because there were other weird families travelling in the boat…it was really a much needed break from all the stupid stress of completing exams and waiting for the results that everyone in the world will judge you on.. No pressure at all.

Forever and Always≥

Destination: MALDIVES!

Oh My God. I have been to beaches before but man have I never seen an island. This place is to die for. Seriously if I had a choice about where to die, it would be the Maldives. (That’s the only island I’ve been to..I know there are more but sadly, another time)

I can’t even begin with the size of the island we went to. Maldives is a group of islands so we only went to one of them after stopping through Male, the capital of Maldives and also where the airport is. There were so many different kinds of people..it was beautiful. Its one of the moments when you randomly savour human existence 😛 The flight was amazing I went with my uncle and his family and his sons are the cutest ever. We arrived at the airport only to find that we need a boat to get to the resort and that was so exciting. It was a little humid but if its a beach, I couldn’t care less.

I’m one to take a lot of pictures but not of myself, only the good looking Instagram ones even though I don’t have an account. This is one of the pictures I took on the first evening there:IMG_6107

I know right? It’s not real. It can’t be. Anyway the resort was WAAAY too good for me and it was all so clean and beautiful. There were hammocks outside every other house so that was a major plus. Turns out there is a marriage area there too. In the open. Its really pretty both in the morning and at night: IMG_6113

I just want to get married because this is there. Anyway, then we went snorkeling!! It was amazing!! I can’t describe it because I don’t want to and I want you to check it out for yourself!! Honestly, it was one of the most happiest moments in my life. I’m kinda scared of the ocean because of how deep it can be but snorkeling was at the surface which was great. The fishes and sharks were unbelievably colourful. I think I saw at least 10 different types of fish ❤ Of course then theres swimming and lazing and enjoying so that’s exactly what we did. We went around the resort garden and pool and it was serene. Oh and just a minor detail… I WENT PARASAILING!! That was one of the things on my bucket list so…CHECK! That was when I realized I was scared of the ocean because if I fell from that height…Brr.. Check it out:IMG_6245

Okay I’m gonna try and end there otherwise I’ll keep going on about how clean and strikingly beautiful Maldives was. Please if you have time..really take a vacation there. It is worth every penny 🙂

∇ Forever and Always

When Love is Gone.|Poem

In dedication to my life that is Avicii…I hope you know we love you, Tim. You will always be my inspiration and the reason I’m still alive. I love you. Rest in peace.

When love is gone
And the world is at the edge
When nothing makes sense
And you’re falling off the ledge

When love is gone
You don’t know what to do
Its hard to understand
You lost a part of you

When love is gone
It may not be alright
But just hold on
Hang on a little tight

When love is gone
Maybe it was better this way
I hope you’re happier
This I sincerely say

When love is gone
Give it time to heal
But don’t forget the moments
Because everything was real

                                                                Forever and Always

Normal is also hard.

Everybody has problems. Being blind is a problem. Not being blind is also a problem. Basically, what I’m trying to say is.. okay this is kind of hard to put in words but so many people say that they have family issues, have some disease or someone in their life has passed away, etc. For me, none of these has happened. For more clarity, I’ll use an example of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Did you know he was a tea seller before he became the PM? Most of the successful people today were poor before or really rich so they decided to do something with it. For me, I am neither poor nor rich. I have enough and a little more; both needs and wants are satisfied and that is the problem. Since I already have enough, why would I go for something bigger or riskier or better? I’m a middle class Indian and I’ll probably die one, too. That’s exactly what I don’t want.

Why is it that people who are poor, have family issues, were in depression, are differently abled,etc. are the ones who become famous? Middle class people have dreams too. Who wants to be average all the time? My point is, I want people to understand that they don’t need major issues or grave problems to help them or make them a better person or become famous. If you have an idea and you think it can help others or change the world a little bit for the better then go for it!! I sit at home everyday saying that I wish I had a disability so I would finally find a reason to be famous.

Please don’t think I’m shaming people with different abilities or poor people or even us middle class people. I’m just trying to say that “normal” people (for lack of better term) have problems equal to those kinds of people. Since we have what we need, we are expected to use them fully and excel at everything we can because we are so “equipped.” We as “normal” people have to be able to do what any other “normal” person can because by physical ability, we are the same. That’s not wrong but honestly, just treat everyone like a human being. In conclusion, I just don’t want people to think that they need problems in their life to succeed. Just do what you love and don’t compare yourself to others. Normal is also hard so don’t look down on anybody. We all struggle.

♥ Forever and Always ♥





When does my stupid life begin
I’m already sixteen
I feel like I’m not living right
Theres so much I haven’t seen

I’ve already lost so many years
There have been good times for sure
But this feels like the end for me
Theres gotta be something more

I hate living a day after another
Thats not what I want to do
My life is full of boring things
And boring people,too.

I’m definitely not complaining though
I know theres a time and place
But I just my life was more
Brighter and fast paced

Till then I’m gonna take it slow
And see where it will lead
Life always turns out for the better
Good and bad we all need

Hey guys! Its been months since I came here I think and I hope you all are still interested in my blog. I don’t do this for the views honestly but its nice to know people wana stick around. Anyway my board exams for 10th grade are over yaay!! and I wrote this during that time lol. I have more poems and stuff on the way so keep in touch ❤

                        ¦  Forever and Always ¦

I Wish I Liked Her.

Hey guys. I’m back!! Temporarily of course because tenth grade doesn’t allow you to breathe. I’m done with an exam, had a two week holiday, now I’m almost done with another exam and then another 3 week holiday and then another exam WOOHOO!! Isn’t that exciting? By the way guys I’m sorry if this is too wierd of a post. I really wanted to say this to someone and I love WordPress but I hope you guys don’t feel awkward about it or anything. Sorry in advance.

Anyway I shall rant about that another time. Today I wanted to talk about someone special. It sounds really wierd sorry. There’s honestly no other way to put it. Is it just me or have you had a friend that you want to like but you don’t? Or at least you don’t like them yet because you’re discovering yourself and what not? I am there. I don’t know about the discovering myself part but I have this friend who is a girl. She is everything I look for in a person. She’s always cheerful, me and another friend of mine dragged her into the dark hole that is kpop and now she likes kpop which is good because we have the same taste in music (very important by the way) in both kpop and other genres (which is even better), she always manages to make me smile, we’ve never fought, we agree on basically everything, she’s so thug and cool and cute at the same time, she’s definitely beautiful (like generally) and we go together so well. We used to be friends a few years ago and didn’t talk to each other much cause she would always get in trouble and I would be that good kid that the teachers liked (used to though lol) and I would bail her out. Then this year, we became so much closer and she is such a funny person. To me, nothing is more important than someone being able to make you laugh. Her smile is amazing too! There’s so much more I want to say and I hope she never sees this because I don’t want it to ruin things or make things awkward between us.

The thing is guys…as of now, I know I don’t like girls. I’m not saying it as a bad thing or shaming others or whatever but honestly as of now, I highly doubt that I like girls…but I wish I liked this girl. I want to like her because she’s everything I look for in a person. There is nothing wrong with her!! I know I don’t like her but this is killing me. I just hope she’s my friend for however long it is possible. There are so many days i go to school and I’d feel so down cause I hate school and stress and stuff but she can make me smile before half the day is even over. By lunch time I’ll be going crazy and feeling ecstatic just because she made me feel better. That is the best gift in the world. Its amazing how perfect she is guys..I’m so glad I met her. I really hope she doesn’t see this.

Forever and Always♥