I’m so blessed!


Oh my gosh!! Do you guys know how blessed I am right now? I’ve been selected for the Liebster award!! I have no idea what it is but… me? I’m selected? Wow!!! Thank you so much to Nam H. Nguyen for nominating me…you have no idea how happy I am for this!! I thank the world of WordPress… Check out Nam H. Nguyen at  http://scratchesandscribbles.com/ he is amazing!! I can’t believe he actually nominated me! Thanks again.

I’ve been blogging for only 3 weeks and I’m already famous! I’m kidding. But I’ve loved the journey so far and I thank everyone!! I didn’t even know there are awards and I am still so new to all this but I’ve got so much support from Nam and Suze so thanks again!

As part of being nominated for the award there are six simple rules to follow:               1. Thank the person who nominated you!!                                                                                     2. Show off your award on your blog ( Because you deserve it of course)                               3.Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.                                         4.Post 11 random facts about yourself.                                                                                               5.Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 1000 followers ( if you know that many because I’ll struggle here)                                                                                                                                       6.Create your own questions for your nominees.

Responding to Nam Nguyen’s questions…

When did you first start blogging and  why?  

I started in the beginning on March 2016 and honestly I started to blog only because of my best friend.. he told me to because he loved the way I wrote. Also for your information he is phenomenal and absolutely amazing…I wouldn’t be anywhere without him. So I give him a huge shoutout…thanks kid, you are my everything.But also it was my choice to put my writings out to the world so I just wanted to express how I feel daily and write whenever words flow. I’m glad I started though.

What did blogging teach you?

Blogging. It took me a while to know this word actually. Well I’m actually really new to all this but so far I’ve learnt that skills doesn’t just mean sports.. writing and art is also very important in a person’s life. Blogging taught me that I’m not the only person who feels the way I do and people relate to me well. Thank the world for such a nice discovery of writing.

What would you do, if your blog went viral?

Oh wow. This took me some time to figure out. I honestly don’t think this would happen but if my small blog of one girl ever decides to go viral… I’ll make time to reply to each and every comment. I would make someone feel better about their day and hopefully succeed. Maybe if I go viral… I could finally tell my parents that I started a blog. My friends don’t think I even know how to write well.. s I’ll show the world that “You know maybe I am good at something.”

What is your favourite book and why?

Actually… I’m not a book person. Please don’t hurt me. I used to hate reading but now I read way more than I used to. Mostly non-fiction is my favourite but fiction is also amazing at times. Holes by Louis Sachar is a beautiful book written so flawlessly.. I absolutely adore it. I like.. no love it because I feel like it’s relatable in a way and that really caught my eye. The story is thought of with such vivid thoughts and imagination. Everyone please read this book.

What is your favourite animal and why?

Well I really really love dogs!! My favourite breed would be beagle as of now. I love how they are so energetic.. it makes me so happy. All dogs are amazing actually because I feel like they think like humans in away too, you know? They have feelings too and they will cheer you up when you are feeling down and so I really appreciate that quality of theirs.

What do you do in your spare time and why?

I write of course.. or listen to music whichever mood I’m in. I usually don’t have free time with school and all but I have vacation now so I’ll surely write a lot but also reading and studying need to be don’t. Writing is just a way of venting how I feel.. whether angry or happy or sad or just like that. It really helps.

What do you work as and what did you always want to be?

I’m currently working as.. a student who is pretty useless at life but I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer for a long time now and I think it’ll turn out well. As a hobby I’ll open up my own business maybe and try new things. I might become a journalist by profession because of my love for writing and research but I also may take on YouTube as a career. Who knows what lies ahead?

If you had one place you could live, where would it be?

In my state if mind right now, thinking of that one place to live never came to me because I can’t think of things like that. It’s only India and passing school. If ever I had that wonderful choice then maybe Germany but I wouldn’t want to leave my best friends behind so wherever they live, I would like to also. How about Maldives or some beach? That would be pretty amazing too right?

What is your favourite country?

I’m sorry to say but I don’t think I have a favourite country. The world is my canvas. I just love to travel.. even though I haven’t got the chance to.. I’m still a kid so it’s fruitless.

What is your vice?

What does that mean? I had to look it up on Google and it said wicked behavior and something related to that. Well I’m guessing what is my bad habit? I don’t like how I easy fall for everything.. people and situations alike. I know this is really deep and sentimental but it’s true. I’m too easy at forgiving and letting people enter my life and I honestly don’t like that. Sorry I still might not get the meaning of vice because I don’t know whether this is related to that.

What is your most important trait?

Being relatable. I am proud to say that no one in this entire world can be as relatable as me. Only in some situations though. I make people feel special and a lot of people have trusted me and not regretted it and I’m very grateful for that. So I believe that I’m good at understanding people and their problems and I hope I help a lot of people in the future.

11 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I’m pretty tall for an 8th grade girl. I’m about 5 feet 10 inches.
  2. I absolutely love photography… others that is. 🙂
  3. I want to go on a world tour.
  4. I know I can change the world.. at least mine.
  5. I am Indian and proud.. in a way.
  6. I wish I was good at something.
  7. I want to make my family proud.
  8. I cry way more than I should.
  9. I always dream of having a perfect life with a nice boyfriend and such.
  10. I always think that being a boy is so much easier than being a girl because of all the drama but I’m not entirely sure.
  11. I honestly don’t care what people think about me.. me, myself and I is all that matters.

          11 Of My nominees:

1. https://spoonfulofthoughtsblog.wordpress.com/ She writes really well. Keep it up. 🙂

2.    https://musingsofablueberry.wordpress.com/   Her blog is very unique and I really appreciate that! Go check it out.                                           

I’m extremely sorry that in couldnt nominate 11 bloggers and honestly I don’t even know that many but please accept my apology and visit these two blogs..they are very nice. I will update as soon as I enjoy someone else’s amazing blog. Sorry again..

My 11 questions to my nominees are:

1. What is writing to you?

2. Do you have anyone that you share your writing with regularly?

3. Do you enjoy writing to yourself or to/about others?

4. Would you continue to write even if your family or friends say that you can’t amount to anything?(this is from personal experience by the way)

5. Do you care about how many followers you have?

6. Do you have a one in a lifetime friend who love but they don’t feel the same way? (Again so many references toward me..)

7. Have you found the joy in your life and have you bought joy to others lives?

8. What does music mean to you?

9. When you were young or if you are like me..do you believe that you were destined for greatness?

10. What do you aim to be when you grow up? Not what you might become but what you’ve dreamed of becoming.

11. Are you happy with your life? Do you think you can make it better or feel more happy then your current situation? If so, are you willing to risk it to find happiness?

Thank you again so much to Nam for nominating me and it’s been a pleasure..I never thought I’d get this far into what I started and I admit..it feels excellent. Thank you to my best friend,AK aka Kid (as I don’t want to mention the name) for always being there.. You have no idea how much you mean to me and have done for me.

“Grab a camera and come with me..we could change the world” ~ AK 

                                                          Forever and Always                                                                 



What about my love?

In every typical “chick flick” or so it’s called, there is always a prom. There is romance, kissing, dancing, etc. It’s not that I want but I think I also deserve a prom.. it’s just a dance after all. In India, they don’t have proms or any such couple dances for that matter. In my school, we aren’t even allowed to hug a guy or a girl... what kind of excuse is that? It’s as if we can only hug them if they are leaving school… And if we are caught hugging for no reason, we are sent to detention. I strongly think we deserve to be asked to prom… I would really like to go actually. How come we only watch movies to experience what a prom might look like? And not only that, I want to be loved by someone… I want to hug a boy who wants to hug me back and I want to be something special to someone. And yes I think I deserve it.. just don’t know how to make it happen. If you are an Indian girl, talking to a boy itself is prohibited… what more can I say? If you saw me in person, you’d probably think that I’m the last person who would need a boy in her life because that’s how I look to everyone.. and I agree, it’s true but only a few people know that I fall in love with small things that boys do.. like if they talk to me by choice, I wouldn’t be able to stand. If a boy put more than one ‘i’ in his hi, I would totally die of happiness. If a boy texted me first, I wouldn’t even know what to do… because it usually doesn’t happen and also because I would be too busy screaming on how special I must be for them to say hi first. Even if he looks at me, that would be more than enough to make me insanely happy.

The only reason no one makes any rumors about me and some guy anymore is because I agree to every single one of them and I’ve learnt that the more you deny something, the more those people can use it against you… also many of my great friends are boys so no one suspects anything because I always act like a boy… to cover up everything I feel inside… it’s pretty bad.

“If there’s love in this life, we’re unstoppable, with something to believe in.” – Waiting for love by Avicii.

But what about my love? Will I ever get it? Can I be unstoppable? I don’t know.. All in all, I believe that everyone deserves love that’s all. For me, I’ll try hard to stay away because I’ve been rejected way too many times but one day.. maybe, I’m not sure but it’ll happen. To a lot of girls out there… I understand hoe you feel. I truly do guys… sometimes the world sucks huh?

  ×  Forever and Always ×

Am I going to pass?

I’m really scared for 9th grade guys… in all these teenage reality shows and movies, they only show the good side… they only show that 9th grade life is beyond amazing because they attend parties and have drinks and such. How much does a 9th grade kid have to study? I have a good friend in 9th grade and she works day and night…months before her exams…she doesn’t play outside or go to parties or anywhere with her friends. I’ve seen her textbook and it is way too complicated.. I don’t know I’ll be able to do all that. I’m barely limping through 8th grade…well I’m not failing but in an Indian fanily, the average score MUST BE 75..of 80 and here I am in 8th grade just getting 60 in everything. I do try and I know I need to try harder but in Mathematics and 2nd Language…I’m barely getting even 60. I’m going to fail someday…I can’t afford to do that. I won’t be able to handle the pressure and along with all that… I’m not smart…at all. All I have with me to keep me from tearing myself apart is music and writing. Everyone thinks I’m good at English but I’m only good at writing and only a limited kind of writing, too. My vocabulary is useless and so am I. Why can’t I do anything?

I don’t even know what I aspire to be when I grow up.. I wanted to be a fashion designer back in the day but.. who am I kidding? I can’t have a career like that. I’m.. Indian. Will I have to give up all my dreams and goals just to get a good score academically? I guess so.. It’s a sacrifice.. I am not willing to make! I’ll try my level best to balance out my life but.. it’s going to be ultimate pressure.. I don’t think I’ll pass.. someone please help. Also, it’s sad to say that the people around you make up about 80% of your attitude, behavior and actions.. and in my family I have a brother who is studying for his Board Exams and unfortunately.. he’s not doing too well and that’s greatly affecting me. I don’t blame it all on him but he is my brother after all.. I’m scraed he won’t pass and my family can’t even think of him failing the Boards. I’m really terrified guys.I can’t give up now. What am I gonna do?

∞ Forever and Always ∞

Happiness..is worth fighting for!

I can’t even. I’m one of those 10000 people who can keep others happy rather than themselves. It’s way harder than I thought..being happy that is. Ever since we are little, we want an Xbox or a mansion or lots of money.. but once you grow up, you and I both know that you are only thinking of a way to be happy. We get so stressed out with every simple thing, we forget the joy in life and its moments.

“Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.” -Anonymous

So what is happiness? Well, for me it is definitely music and friends and obviously making people smile.. even in their worst times. But is it easy to be happy always? No. Not even a little bit. If you are 10 years and below, don’t worry at all because kid you ain’t got nothing to worry about. As for the rest of us, we’ve felt real pain. When you are standing in front of the mirror, crying so much you’ll fall, telling yourself to get it together and you’ll be alright…yeah that is real pain. Happiness is a choice…that you have to make. Not me or him but you. For some, happiness is long walks with themselves or someone else. For others, its shopping and food. But in the end it’s all happiness right? Now… how can you be as happy as an American kid on Christmas? (because Indians.. unfortunately do not celebrate Christmas very much) Do what you enjoy! I know it’s not as easy as it sounds but try this. Make a list of things that make you happy, that you enjoy doing, how much you’ve done in life and just think about it. It’ll help a lot trust me. Also, trust me when I say this… whatever you are going through right now is absolutely temporary which means it will NOT last forever. You will fight it and reach a town called paradise and don’t you ever worry… because even when it rains, somewhere over the horizon, a rainbow is coming your way. Happiness comes to those who don’t try, who let it go and be themselves.

Last year, I was the worst version of myself. I could not believe that I could be that… fake. It was a horrible year and I regret every second I tried to be someone I am most certainly not. I talked different, I walked differently, became such a mean person who knew all the gossip going around. It was terrible. I noticed that the people around me affected my attitude so much. I was influenced by the wrong ideals… popularity and fashion statement. Guess that’s what happens when the most popular girl of the grade ends up in your class. Everyone judged each other so much, it was sickening. But what I can be happy for is that I’ve changed.. to who I always was.. that tall girl (and I mean tall because right now in 8th I’m 5′ 10″) who ate a lot and didn’t give a damn what people thought of her. The people in my class this year finally made me feel like I came home… and they became my family. And everyday I am so proud that I and only I decided to make that change. So what’s your story? I would love to hear it… seriously. Have you found happiness?

“Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life!” – Lilly Singh aka Superwoman (YouTube star and motivational speaker)

Forever and Always


I am not perfect.

Why does it sound like everyone else is? Apparently no ones perfect but seriously? I could name a few dozen I know who are good at EVERYTHING. And yes I admit its pissing off…all the time..

This one girl who goes to my school..she is good at anything and everything. And by good I don’t only mean smart.. she’s got a social life too. Lots of friends and guys and you know. She’s good at GAMING. So like damn all the guys probably love her, she’s damn obsessed with EDM which gives you a golden access card into being cool, she likes singing, writing, she’s in the fandom communities, photography, dogs, she’s good at studies, etc. because I CAN NOT GO ON. I have already lowered my self esteem so much I have no left. I mean how does someone do all this at once? Social life, good at studies and damn have you seen how thin she is? Like not too thin but guess what…PERFECT. I don’t hate her as a person but the fact that she’s pretty much Miss Universe of my school…yeah a little ANNOYING..in a good way though. I’m good at something right?.. Wait am I? Hmm going to have to think about it. I’m only good at being jealous at these kind of people. Damn it, I’m useless.

Now this is when my motivational English professor comes out. Come on guys we’re better than we think. (YA right..) I’m serious about this. So many people out there.. girls and boys alike think that they will amount to nothing in life. And don’t worry guys because I will be by your side because I also believe I’m so useless that I wouldn’t even bet on myself to get anywhere…But everyone who feels like this, do me a favour. Write down all the things you like, are more than average at and enjoy doing on one side. On the other side, write what all you want to be good at, what you aren’t that good at and your temporary goals. Now it may look like a lot to accomplish but hey who said anything about simple? Its going to be way harder than you anticipate but trust me when you accomplish something on that list, whether its making what you are good at better or improving your not-so-cool part of the list, you will be so happy about yourself that you will no longer worry about anyone. I’ll always be with you all and I’m going to go try this myself. Lets see what happens. Oh and also DON’T GIVE UP!! Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂

Forever and Always ∞



Hey Guys.

Hello to all those people who actually took their precious time to visit this page. I’m really happy for this so thanks again. Now I’m gonna share a little bit about me and my life. I’m an average girl who you would find in an average school anywhere in the world. As of now, I live in India with my family and I go to a good school and such. I’m nothing special compared to any of you and so we all can be average together. My name is Megha Shastry and I am in 8th grade studying in Greenwood High International School. My hobbies include writing (usually to myself),listening to music and keeping people happy. I want to be a motivational speaker and a YouTuber but coming from an Indian family..it will be tough. But who sais anything about giving up?

The reason I started blogging is for one reason only. My best friend told me to do so. He liked one of my articles I had written for a speech I was going to say only in class and he told me to do this right away. Now I love writing small articles talking about any recent event that happened in my life, any motivational speech for myself (or maybe even you) and just freestyling myself with writing on the Internet. Here I take you on a journey through stories..both rants and inspiration. I’m confident that it’ll be relatable and even if I make one person’s day slightly better, I have officially accomplished something. You will enjoy it I guarantee and just check it out..it might make you happy. As I mentioned, I’ll be focusing more on everyday life of an average girl in an average world but also in the process I’ll try to lift your spirits up and make you feel better hopefully.

You may have many doubts with what I’ll be doing on this blog but if you ever have any questions, doubts, something you would like to share with me then please don’t be afraid to email me at bestfrenz20@gmail.com and yes I agree its a crazy name but also if you ever feel like the world is against you or you just need someone to talk to then I will always keep my arms open and help you until I make you smile. You can find me on Google Plus as well but that’s about it. Check out my stuff and I really hope you find it to your liking. 

      Forever and Always