Hey Guys.

Hello to all those people who actually took their precious time to visit this page. I’m really happy for this so thanks again. Now I’m gonna share a little bit about me and my life. I’m an average girl who you would find in an average school anywhere in the world. As of now, I live in India with my family and I go to a good school and such. I’m nothing special compared to any of you and so we all can be average together. My name is Megha Shastry and I am in 8th grade studying in Greenwood High International School. My hobbies include writing (usually to myself),listening to music and keeping people happy. I want to be a motivational speaker and a YouTuber but coming from an Indian family..it will be tough. But who sais anything about giving up?

The reason I started blogging is for one reason only. My best friend told me to do so. He liked one of my articles I had written for a speech I was going to say only in class and he told me to do this right away. Now I love writing small articles talking about any recent event that happened in my life, any motivational speech for myself (or maybe even you) and just freestyling myself with writing on the Internet. Here I take you on a journey through stories..both rants and inspiration. I’m confident that it’ll be relatable and even if I make one person’s day slightly better, I have officially accomplished something. You will enjoy it I guarantee and just check it out..it might make you happy. As I mentioned, I’ll be focusing more on everyday life of an average girl in an average world but also in the process I’ll try to lift your spirits up and make you feel better hopefully.

You may have many doubts with what I’ll be doing on this blog but if you ever have any questions, doubts, something you would like to share with me then please don’t be afraid to email me at bestfrenz20@gmail.com and yes I agree its a crazy name but also if you ever feel like the world is against you or you just need someone to talk to then I will always keep my arms open and help you until I make you smile. You can find me on Google Plus as well but that’s about it. Check out my stuff and I really hope you find it to your liking. 

      Forever and Always





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