I am not perfect.

Why does it sound like everyone else is? Apparently no ones perfect but seriously? I could name a few dozen I know who are good at EVERYTHING. And yes I admit its pissing off…all the time..

This one girl who goes to my school..she is good at anything and everything. And by good I don’t only mean smart.. she’s got a social life too. Lots of friends and guys and you know. She’s good at GAMING. So like damn all the guys probably love her, she’s damn obsessed with EDM which gives you a golden access card into being cool, she likes singing, writing, she’s in the fandom communities, photography, dogs, she’s good at studies, etc. because I CAN NOT GO ON. I have already lowered my self esteem so much I have no left. I mean how does someone do all this at once? Social life, good at studies and damn have you seen how thin she is? Like not too thin but guess what…PERFECT. I don’t hate her as a person but the fact that she’s pretty much Miss Universe of my school…yeah a little ANNOYING..in a good way though. I’m good at something right?.. Wait am I? Hmm going to have to think about it. I’m only good at being jealous at these kind of people. Damn it, I’m useless.

Now this is when my motivational English professor comes out. Come on guys we’re better than we think. (YA right..) I’m serious about this. So many people out there.. girls and boys alike think that they will amount to nothing in life. And don’t worry guys because I will be by your side because I also believe I’m so useless that I wouldn’t even bet on myself to get anywhere…But everyone who feels like this, do me a favour. Write down all the things you like, are more than average at and enjoy doing on one side. On the other side, write what all you want to be good at, what you aren’t that good at and your temporary goals. Now it may look like a lot to accomplish but hey who said anything about simple? Its going to be way harder than you anticipate but trust me when you accomplish something on that list, whether its making what you are good at better or improving your not-so-cool part of the list, you will be so happy about yourself that you will no longer worry about anyone. I’ll always be with you all and I’m going to go try this myself. Lets see what happens. Oh and also DON’T GIVE UP!! Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂

Forever and Always ∞




6 thoughts on “I am not perfect.

    • meghashastry says:

      Well I’m sorry my English vocabulary is not all fabulous but that sounds like a compliment? So thank you very very much and everything that I write will be non-fictional and based on stuff happening in my life and yes this is entirely true…


  1. Suze says:

    You write extremely well for such a young person. Do not be afraid to share what you think or your feelings here. The readers, and writers are all very supportive our all of our efforts. Keep on writing they way you do and I think you will find people will love to read what you have to say. welcome to blogging! http://www.suziland.net

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