Happiness..is worth fighting for!

I can’t even. I’m one of those 10000 people who can keep others happy rather than themselves. It’s way harder than I thought..being happy that is. Ever since we are little, we want an Xbox or a mansion or lots of money.. but once you grow up, you and I both know that you are only thinking of a way to be happy. We get so stressed out with every simple thing, we forget the joy in life and its moments.

“Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.” -Anonymous

So what is happiness? Well, for me it is definitely music and friends and obviously making people smile.. even in their worst times. But is it easy to be happy always? No. Not even a little bit. If you are 10 years and below, don’t worry at all because kid you ain’t got nothing to worry about. As for the rest of us, we’ve felt real pain. When you are standing in front of the mirror, crying so much you’ll fall, telling yourself to get it together and you’ll be alright…yeah that is real pain. Happiness is a choice…that you have to make. Not me or him but you. For some, happiness is long walks with themselves or someone else. For others, its shopping and food. But in the end it’s all happiness right? Now… how can you be as happy as an American kid on Christmas? (because Indians.. unfortunately do not celebrate Christmas very much) Do what you enjoy! I know it’s not as easy as it sounds but try this. Make a list of things that make you happy, that you enjoy doing, how much you’ve done in life and just think about it. It’ll help a lot trust me. Also, trust me when I say this… whatever you are going through right now is absolutely temporary which means it will NOT last forever. You will fight it and reach a town called paradise and don’t you ever worry… because even when it rains, somewhere over the horizon, a rainbow is coming your way. Happiness comes to those who don’t try, who let it go and be themselves.

Last year, I was the worst version of myself. I could not believe that I could be that… fake. It was a horrible year and I regret every second I tried to be someone I am most certainly not. I talked different, I walked differently, became such a mean person who knew all the gossip going around. It was terrible. I noticed that the people around me affected my attitude so much. I was influenced by the wrong ideals… popularity and fashion statement. Guess that’s what happens when the most popular girl of the grade ends up in your class. Everyone judged each other so much, it was sickening. But what I can be happy for is that I’ve changed.. to who I always was.. that tall girl (and I mean tall because right now in 8th I’m 5′ 10″) who ate a lot and didn’t give a damn what people thought of her. The people in my class this year finally made me feel like I came home… and they became my family. And everyday I am so proud that I and only I decided to make that change. So what’s your story? I would love to hear it… seriously. Have you found happiness?

“Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life!” – Lilly Singh aka Superwoman (YouTube star and motivational speaker)

Forever and Always



2 thoughts on “Happiness..is worth fighting for!

  1. Suze says:

    You have managed to learn one of the hardest lessons in life at a very young age! congratulations! some people never understand. Thanks for writing this as your words are so very much needing to be heard.

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    • meghashastry says:

      I’m actually surprised how much I’ve learnt over the years..although I’m not that brilliant in academics, I’m proud that I can understand people like this.. Thank you with all my heart… I agree that people need to see this because there’s just too much hate out there.. and I promise I’ll spread the love. 🙂 – Megha

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