Am I going to pass?

I’m really scared for 9th grade guys… in all these teenage reality shows and movies, they only show the good side… they only show that 9th grade life is beyond amazing because they attend parties and have drinks and such. How much does a 9th grade kid have to study? I have a good friend in 9th grade and she works day and night…months before her exams…she doesn’t play outside or go to parties or anywhere with her friends. I’ve seen her textbook and it is way too complicated.. I don’t know I’ll be able to do all that. I’m barely limping through 8th grade…well I’m not failing but in an Indian fanily, the average score MUST BE 75..of 80 and here I am in 8th grade just getting 60 in everything. I do try and I know I need to try harder but in Mathematics and 2nd Language…I’m barely getting even 60. I’m going to fail someday…I can’t afford to do that. I won’t be able to handle the pressure and along with all that… I’m not smart…at all. All I have with me to keep me from tearing myself apart is music and writing. Everyone thinks I’m good at English but I’m only good at writing and only a limited kind of writing, too. My vocabulary is useless and so am I. Why can’t I do anything?

I don’t even know what I aspire to be when I grow up.. I wanted to be a fashion designer back in the day but.. who am I kidding? I can’t have a career like that. I’m.. Indian. Will I have to give up all my dreams and goals just to get a good score academically? I guess so.. It’s a sacrifice.. I am not willing to make! I’ll try my level best to balance out my life but.. it’s going to be ultimate pressure.. I don’t think I’ll pass.. someone please help. Also, it’s sad to say that the people around you make up about 80% of your attitude, behavior and actions.. and in my family I have a brother who is studying for his Board Exams and unfortunately.. he’s not doing too well and that’s greatly affecting me. I don’t blame it all on him but he is my brother after all.. I’m scraed he won’t pass and my family can’t even think of him failing the Boards. I’m really terrified guys.I can’t give up now. What am I gonna do?

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3 thoughts on “Am I going to pass?

  1. Suze says:

    Sometimes the very best thing a person can do is to just believe that they will be able to handle things…….and if necessary stay back and do the eighth grade a second time. There is no hurry to grow up..and just to let you know…I didn’t decide on a course of study until I was out of school and married with children. Then I went back to university and did very well. Just remember to breath and all will work out the way it is supposed to do.

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