What about my love?

In every typical “chick flick” or so it’s called, there is always a prom. There is romance, kissing, dancing, etc. It’s not that I want but I think I also deserve a prom.. it’s just a dance after all. In India, they don’t have proms or any such couple dances for that matter. In my school, we aren’t even allowed to hug a guy or a girl... what kind of excuse is that? It’s as if we can only hug them if they are leaving school… And if we are caught hugging for no reason, we are sent to detention. I strongly think we deserve to be asked to prom… I would really like to go actually. How come we only watch movies to experience what a prom might look like? And not only that, I want to be loved by someone… I want to hug a boy who wants to hug me back and I want to be something special to someone. And yes I think I deserve it.. just don’t know how to make it happen. If you are an Indian girl, talking to a boy itself is prohibited… what more can I say? If you saw me in person, you’d probably think that I’m the last person who would need a boy in her life because that’s how I look to everyone.. and I agree, it’s true but only a few people know that I fall in love with small things that boys do.. like if they talk to me by choice, I wouldn’t be able to stand. If a boy put more than one ‘i’ in his hi, I would totally die of happiness. If a boy texted me first, I wouldn’t even know what to do… because it usually doesn’t happen and also because I would be too busy screaming on how special I must be for them to say hi first. Even if he looks at me, that would be more than enough to make me insanely happy.

The only reason no one makes any rumors about me and some guy anymore is because I agree to every single one of them and I’ve learnt that the more you deny something, the more those people can use it against you… also many of my great friends are boys so no one suspects anything because I always act like a boy… to cover up everything I feel inside… it’s pretty bad.

“If there’s love in this life, we’re unstoppable, with something to believe in.” – Waiting for love by Avicii.

But what about my love? Will I ever get it? Can I be unstoppable? I don’t know.. All in all, I believe that everyone deserves love that’s all. For me, I’ll try hard to stay away because I’ve been rejected way too many times but one day.. maybe, I’m not sure but it’ll happen. To a lot of girls out there… I understand hoe you feel. I truly do guys… sometimes the world sucks huh?

  ×  Forever and Always ×


4 thoughts on “What about my love?

  1. Nam H Nguyen says:

    Wow that was really emotional, I can’t imagine how oppressive your culture must feel 😐
    I’ve been with my girlfriend for nearly five years now and we met in school. We first hugged at school, held hands there and kissed (just outside)

    I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for you. I wish you all the best, and that a boy will drop by, think nothing of it and say something more than just hi

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