Betrayal is the worst.


That second he’s my best friend..the next I know so many things about him that he “forgot” to mention. To come clean and tell you what I’m talking about..I used to like this guy..last year when I was in 7th grade. Well the main reason I liked him was because of his taste in music..we both loved music and had the same type of music taste and that’s also how we met. I told him after sometime that I liked him and he returned the feeling..however long that lasted.. Well then one day I found out that he already had a girlfriend and the disappointment in the situation was that he was supposed to trust me and tell me that he already had one but I had to find out through a was ugly. I was going to cry but it was a celebration of sports in our school so the entire student body was there so I couldn’t. I had tears and he came to talk to me even though 2 of my friends were with me..and he said,”Megha, I was going to tell you but she (referring to my friend who told me this) messed it all up.” I couldn’t stand it! That line made me want to I told him,”You know what? Don’t talk to me right now and don’t you dare act like you were going to tell me..I know you weren’t, you liar! Just don’t let me see your face for a long time.” And then I cried. I was so disappointed with him not because he had a girlfriend but because he didn’t tell me.

And then after about a few months we started talking again as friends and I was better but still thinking about that day. I forgave him and we just continued like we just was nice..having a friend like that. Oh no but it can’t end there right? He is an asshole so he has to do more bad things. So earlier this month, I was at my friend’s house for a sleepover and a few others were there too. I started talking to one of classmates and then we came to the topic of the boy who I just wrote about. She guessed that I liked him and I didn’t mind so I agreed. That’s when I found out..he’s a player. Well of sorts. I found out that he talks to all the girls in my class and says the same “sweet” things he does to me. Once he asked me why we talk more through social media rather than school..and guess what? He’s asked all my friends that too. So to me, right now, it sounds like he is hitting on every girl in my class and that is disturbing. After all we have been through..and trust me it was a lot..this is what I have found out from someone else..why would he do this? I can’t even talk to him the same way..actually I don’t even talk to him anymore. I have my vacation so it’s easier not seeing him so I don’t punch him. I don’t care about what we had anymore but the fact that he is treating my friends is unacceptable..I thought he and I were meant to be but then again it’s never like that, is it?

Forever..and not always :/


One thought on “Betrayal is the worst.

  1. MimiTa says:

    I relate to liking guys and all the stress involved, too haha. All I can really say is that love is blind and often quite fickle. You’re still young, and the guys in your class are still young, so (not trying to be stereotypical here) they’re probably still semi-immature anyways. One day, you’ll most likely meet and fall in love with a guy who’s worth the awesomeness that is you and who will complement you well, but for now, just enjoy the waiting, I guess. 🙂 Good luck with your love life~

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