Music runs in my veins.

Music isn’t just sound and lyrics…it’s’s everything someone could ask for. Music is a way of life. If I don’t listen to at least one song a day, I wouldn’t be able to function and I’m not joking. People prefer nineties music to pop music and some people prefer skrillex over avicii and other people may not like either they might just love EDM. But whatever it is, it’s still music and you have to admit music has saved you once or twice. Maybe not physically but mentally for me it’s worked so many times I couldn’t count. I even made a friend through music…not just any friend one of my best friends to this day is my best friend because we met over a song. A casual conversation led to a beautiful friendship. Today we share songs with each other no matter what. One day I was really stressed and I felt like I couldn’t live this way anymore but so very fortunately I was listening to a magical song and instantly felt better. And this is not just because I’m writing this article. Do you know that feeling when you find an amazing song or a perfect song that describes your feeling so well…it’s indescribable? Yes that feeling is very common and trust me it’s the best feeling in the world.

Music is my life and there are so many ways music actually keeps us healthy. What kind of sorcery? Many studies say that people who listen to music are more likely to stay far away from depression or anxiety or any negative feelings. No matter what kind of music, it is said to have some sort of effect on the emotional area of our brains and affects it in such a way that it makes us happy. Music soothes the mind and calms us down and it truly lets us express our makes me cry music makes my smile music makes me so extremely grateful that something so beautiful was created in this world. Words cannot express how much I would suffer without a good song.Even music without lyrics can say so much to a person.and don’t worry if you’re that person who listens to one song countless times until you get sick of it because it means your so in love with that song you don’t care about anything could also be instruments or just singing to yourself…any form of music is healthy,helpful and just plain awesome don’t you think?

Music is pure emotion through lyrics,beats and sound. But only some people can see the true magic behind every word and part of the is the home for your pain and your gain so explain that it isn’t just good it is great.People cry over songs because it’s so beautiful but you can’t have any other emotion for it so you just let it all out with tears…not of sadness but of joy. So just think…don’t u agree that music was surely the best discovery in the world? Well as far as I am concerned, music is my paradise. How about you?

                                                 Forever and Always ♥


2 thoughts on “Music runs in my veins.

  1. MimiTa says:

    Yeah! Music is also my paradise and my life haha. I feel like I’d also be unable to function without music XD
    For me, music is really important to me because it motivates me to study and actually do things, and it’s there for me when others aren’t. When I’m sad or when I feel alone in my struggle, I often comfort myself and get myself to move on by listening to the songs that I can identify with. 🙂


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