Too many expectations…

You know in those teenage related movies there is never anything new? Its all the same story for everything. There is some adventure between people who barely know each other (who end up falling in love) or a guy/girl who has like this girl/guy for so long (who also end up falling in love) and they don’t know if they will ever be together? Ya it’s horrible.Well not the movies but my life.

But what I wanted to say was.. I am never going to experience what those high school kids do in those movies. You know what I’m talking about right? Those boys and girls in high school get drunk, go to parties, go on long drives with their boyfriend or girlfriend without their parents knowing and stuff like that. By watching those kind of movies, people (well more like pre-teens) come up with so many random expectations and no you can’t blame for watching those kind of movies because they are really exciting to watch… why are they exciting? Only because I can’t do all that when I grow up… I can’t run away without my parents knowing… I can’t go to prom.. India doesn’t even know what prom is anyway. I don’t know what to do.

What if I want a break? I want to travel to so many places.. and the only thing that’s stopping me is… everything. I know everyone says chase after your dreams. But if your dream is to run away and go to the Caribbean island or become a DJ or just.. unwind and take things slow, it won’t work. Not now at least. And by now I mean when you are still in school.. because I am. I dream so much but what can I do? I can’t chase after them… I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to. I don’t even know what my dream is right now.. You know when you are a little child you always have so much to think about will I be when I grow up? I wanna be rich, pretty, famous, etc. and once you reach a certain realise how fast you grew up and lost all that energy..and then at my age or at least for me.. I’m not even doing anything. Like nothing at all. Your parents choose your future, you decide to go with it and then life goes on. I know there is more to life than this but it’s just that I also know that I won’t be able to reach it.. But trying is half the goal right? Hmm…movies and the high funny how much you discover about yourself at the worst of times..

(Hopefully) Forever and Always ∞



One thought on “Too many expectations…

  1. MimiTa says:

    Keep chasing after your dream, girl! You got this.
    And as for expectations (especially expectations versus reality), a girl can dream….right? Nevertheless, I do also believe that the movies are an unrealistic portrayal of teen life, but oh well. Even if the world rips your dreams away from you, as long as you keep them alive in your heart and as long as you keep your heart warm, I believe that one day your dreams will come true somehow. As long as you break your dreams into smaller and more specific goals that you can envision, I believe that you will be able to reach your dreams if you keep plugging away at it!


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