Just a small poem..

I’m not such a great poet but I wrote this in 2 minutes right now and I really like it and would love to share it so here it is.

When I was small
didn’t care at all
What people said
Or what they had meant

When I was young
I played for fun
People said I was a mess
But I cudnt care less

Once in school
They said some words
And I started thinking
Have I become worse?
I shook the thought
Because I didn’t care
But in the back of head
The thought wasn’t dead

In middle school
Things started to change
I was a fool
Got trapped in the cage
Of people’s comments
And their remarks
Made me feel insecure
About my awesome trademark
I would stay up late
Thinking what should I do
For them to like me
Shud I turn into them too?
Those were the worst years of my life
Picking all the wrong fights
When I could’ve been happy
With all the friends by my side
Instead if being myself
I fought to be someone else
But ended up crying
At home on my bed

Then high school came around
There was nothing to be found
As I had gathered myself
Into one piece,safe and sound
I helped others realise
That being them isn’t all there is
And now look where I am
Best friends and good grades?
Man I surely have changed.
I opened passions I didn’t know
Decided to go with the flow
Always thinking that right now
Its the beginning not the end.

hope you liked it!! 

                                                     Forever and Always


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