My friends are with it.

I just wanted to say..people need to interact with everyone and that’s exactly what I’m doing.ever since I was a child, my parents knew that I had more friends who were boys than girls. Back in the day, you would hold a boy’s hand and no one would say anything. Not even your family would comment. Back in the day, all the kids would hang out together..what happened to that? Parents did. As you grow older, everything around you suddenly changes and you think about how your entire childhood was beautiful but’s gone. No more holding hands, if you even look at a guy, 101 people make 202 assumptions. Sometimes it’s not only your parents..even your friends secretly do this. My friends are dating other people but they have the nerve to tell me not to talk to a particular boy? Wow. Mom and Dad, no matter what to try to do, I will prefer friends who are boys to friends who are girls (sometimes..I do have some amazing exceptions to this and they are girls get the point) and I will hang out with boys in school and I will chat with them on social media. Too bad for you then huh? How am I supposed to believe that you (referring to parents) haven’t talked to the other gender in high school? It’s not possible. And how the hell did you both get married? Anyway jokes on you because your own daughter doesn’t trust you enough.. Or at all.

I have friends who are my age, younger to me and elder to me and most of them are boys and if you can’t respect that..what kind of parents are you? I hope no one else has to go through this..although unfortunately I know that my friends do.. But damn what has the world come to? Oh and to my people who know nothing more than talk shit about others, I will talk to boys, I will make them birthday cards, I will call them and wish them because to me they are as important as any other person. So no matter how many times you pair me up with a guy, I will always agree and laugh it off because I know which battles to fight. So please keep all that shit to yourself because I do not care. I’ve been through so much and learnt a lot..thank the world for that.

                                                  Forever and Always 



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