Life as we know it.

This is another poem. I’ve been writing a lot of these lately..hope you like it..although I’m not as good as Tanya Sahay with her ‘Enough.’ poem. That was beautiful Tanya!! By the way..mine is pretty long. Please don’t get bored.. I sorry!

When you are young
You play for fun
Don’t care about life
No need of a husband or wife

When you are young
Your dreams are made of joy
Have 101 toys
And your thoughts are complete

As you turn 13
Now begins the flirting
And your dad blames your actions
On being a teenager..

Soon enough your sweet 16
And you’ve graduated a stage of life
Ready for learners license
And finally the talk for a husband or wife

You think finally I’m 18
But life has passed so fast
Now is the time to start creating
Or in the real world you’ll be last

Then comes the job
And the mob of bills to be paid
Losing life as we know it
Serving bosses like maids

Then have an arranged marriage
Then the baby in the carriage
Not at all happy here
The end of your life is near

Soon you’ll be 40 years old
And your story is being told
And then you’ll realise
I’ve been wasting life all this while

It may be too late
Or entirely the beginning
It may upto fate
Or it may end up useless
But either way it goes
You’ll live life to every day
With heads high and stretched toes
You’ll go all the way

You only live once
You only die once
Whichever way you take it
You’ll only be free for now
So choose to which you are fit

-Megha Shastry

Forever and Always ⊗



2 thoughts on “Life as we know it.

  1. Tanya Sahay says:

    OMG. 🙈🙈🙈 Thank you so so much. This means a lot. And I love your poem and how it outlines the different stages of life. ❤️. You made my day. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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