Nature at its best.

Hey guys!  My inner poet has come out so here’s another one!! Also I’m running low on what to write for my later blogs..can you guys suggest a few ideas please?? Thank you so guys are like my family..not are my family 🙂

Here’s the poem:

The next time a boy tells you
Oh my gosh you are so beautiful
Take a small look at the sky
Where the free birds fly

No one appreciates nature
In a way that it should be
But the world’s best feature
Is anything but free

I’m looking at a sunset
Spreading through the horizon
It’s hue in so many colours
Bringing life to nearby flowers

The sky a burning red
The sky a mix of shades
Of blue and purple and a tinge of orange
Throwing light in the deepest of caves

If you saw it right now
Your boy would be the last thing on your mind
Looking up at the sky
Leaving all those worries behind
And staring at paradise

Megha Shastry

 Λ Forever and Always Λ



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