Those Blank Moments..

You know those times when you randomly don’t know why you are crying? Or smiling? Or just staring at the ceiling? Well those moments come to a lot of us..a lot of times. For’s usually about my friends..the ones away..the ones who don’t talk to me anymore..the ones who are close yet so far..

I love to randomly smile and that’s mostly because of music 🙂 And that will never ever be taken away from me..memories also are a great deal of my happiness in those blank really is the little things isn’t it? Means a lot to someone like me at least..

Staring at the ceiling has become a regular thing for me now because I have seriously given up trying to please parents…my own self..why do I always feel like I’m not good enough? To all of you…do me a favour and never ever think that of are way too amazing for that shit.

Let this blank moments come and go..but always remember..those moments are the ones where life comes into perspective and you suddenly know what you want 🙂 Good luck everyone. And sorry Ive not posted for so long.. 1. Family trip! 2. Running out of topics..

Also I have a YouTube channel guys!! Ahhhh been doing it for sometime now..go search Megha Shastry (with a ‘y’ thank you) and click the profile with a picture of Joker from Batman 😛 Thanks again!! Love you all very very much..just wanted you to know 😀 HEY! Almost forgot sorry check out this post which is also a post about the daily word prompt that is ‘Blank’ because it’s very beautiful I really enjoyed reading  it so hats off to the blogger!! It was wonderful ❤ do I link this to the Daily Prompt Challenge thing? I don’t know..Please help!


X Forever and Always X



16 thoughts on “Those Blank Moments..

  1. lefraise2002 says:

    Awww, thanks so much for liking my post! Also, thanks for mentioning it in your post. I just have to say that you made some great points. Especially about no one being able to take your random music smiles away. That is so true.

    To link this to the Daily Prompt page you would have to edit your post. I usually go to the bottom of my post and click the link button (just like you did to include my post) and copy and paste this into the the first box:Blank

    You can put Daily Prompt or whatever you like in the second box.

    I hop this helps!

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  2. lefraise2002 says:

    Ok. So I see it just created a link… But if you click on that link scroll down until you see:

    81 Responses
    Want to participate? Publish a new post on your blog interpreting the theme. Create a pingback to this week’s challenge and we’ll list your post below. Show instructions.

    You would click the show instructions link and copy and paste the link provided.


  3. lefraise2002 says:

    I JUST watched one of your videos on YouTube and you are hilarious! Not to mention you are beautiful and seem like a really cool person. And we all have moments of not feeling good enough, but trust me you are! You need to make your own standards for yourself. Bc everyone out there will have their own standards for you. Your parents, your teachers, friends, family all expect certain things of you. And one day that list will include a boss, spouse, and maybe children. Even our pets have expectations of us. But you need to decide what you expect yourself to be doing first. Your parents will always seem like you can always do better. I know mine did. But they see your potential and want you to do what they know you are capable of doing. As a parent of an 11 year old boy and a 4 year old boy I only want the best for them. I want them to be prepared for what this world has to offer and what it will shove im their faces.

    Also don’t give up on writing. I’m pretty sure you have a ton of things to blog about. Your YouTube video about shopping with brown parents says you have a lot to share with your audience. You don’t always need a profound topic to write on… Just your life and thoughts are a great combination for a great read! Check out some of my other posts and you’ll see. It’s a great way to feel better about yourself. This is where I come when I’m not feeling good enough…which is often. Blogging motivates me to define my standards for myself. Keep blogging and keep making those videos! You have a new fan ☺

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    • meghashastry says:

      OMG I seriously wish I could marry you right now haha. You are so motivating!! Thank you soooo very very much for that OMGGGG its the best thing that happened all day!! Thanks you thank you thank youuuuu for watching my videos! And do you seriously think I’m pretty wow.. Appreciate it a lot! Yes I’ve actually learnt a great deal over the past few years of my life and it’s certainly been helpful. I don’t especially like my parents attitude toward me but I guess I can change my reaction to it instead of changing them..As a 14 year old.. life is tough here but yes I know I can do it and I really appreciate every word you sent was wonderful thanks again 🙂

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  4. realitycheck1449 says:

    Dude you’re amazing. You’re writing is amazing. And very relatable. I swear we’re like the same person. I just wanted to say that you’re amazing and keep up the great work. I wish that I could write like you. I read your other post. You are so special…you just never realized. It was really good. I’m really sorry that happened. But yea, I don’t know the point of this message. Well I do – I think. I confuse myself all the time – I just don’t know how to word it. Well yea, I’m socially awkward, beautiful, magical, sparkly unicorn. I don’t understand you humans. But yea I just wanted to say great job.

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    • meghashastry says:

      Dude you know What? You’re amazing and phenomenal and a very nice person. Thank you and I’m sure you are as awesome and relatable as me 🙂 and my writing..omg you guys really know how to give compliments bro. Thank you so much genuinely. Stop saying I’m amazing..I’m blushinggggg. No you do not wish you could write like me..because I know you can write better. First off you a boy or girl. COZ EITHER are so so so nice and I wish I knew you in much better than all my friends combined..thank you thank you thank you for being so sweet. Unicorns are truly badass and so are you ok? Don’t ever think of yourself as less you hear me? Love you so much thanks again 😀

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      • realitycheck1449 says:

        Oh my goodness I’m in love with you in A completely weird way!! But my saying is weird is rad!! But yea I’m In love with you in a completely platonic way!! You’re SO SWEET!! And I watched you’re videos!! You’re gorgeous!!!! Damn!! And really funny!! I have a question, well I have multiple but I don’t think you can tell me what I like!!😂😂!! Okay I’m confused!! I forgot what I was saying!!! Well not really saying but what I was typing!!I could just re-read what I have already written but that so much work!! I’d have to scroll up to the top of the page and then have to re-read everything!! Ugh!! So..oh I was going to ask are we at the stage where I’m your pretend, fake crush or am I still that creepy girl!! What am I saying I’m always that creepy girl!! Well that’s what I wanted to say!! You’re amazing!!
        Bye bye!! That’s my rant!!!
        “NUTELLA, Baby where are you?!!

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      • meghashastry says:

        Hey I still think ure way more amazing than I am excuse me! And dude ure like my sister that I’ve always wanted..omg..I swear I need to meet u..but ure probly halfway across the world..and gorgeous? R u effing kidding me? I’m 5’11” and I’m the worst person ever..but if u like me..I like u too 🙂 Nutella for life btw!! Ahhhh


  5. realitycheck1449 says:

    Oh also I forgot to tell you, at first I could come off as a little creepy. Well a lot creepy but don’t worry I couldn’t hurt a fly. Well actually I could because they’re so small but they’re so fast they might fly away. Haha, anyway the question is would I hurt them, yes I probably would because those little buggurs – don’t think that’s a word – are EVIL! EVIL I TELL YOU!! But I couldn’t hurt anything else. I mean unless they’re mean or making fun of my friends. I could and probably would hurt them. I HATE BULLYING!! But I LOVE FOOD. I love taking long romanic walks, to my refrigerator. Anyway what was I saying? Oh yes I”m gonna come off as creepy at first, or really all the time but don’t worry y’all get used to it and if you don’t then, I don’t know what to do. What else, oh yes I was saying I couldn’t hurt a thing, which I probably could, maybe. If I wasn’t lazy and actually got out of bed. So I’m really confused how we got to this conversation. Well not really ‘we’ since I’m the only one talking. Well not really talking but typing. But that’s nothing new, I confuse myself all the time. Well I’m gonna go before you get creeped out even more (which it’s probably to late for that). Anyway Bye Bye.
    That’s my rant. Now I’m gonna go eat Nutella. Is it just me,(probably is) or does everyone calm down by eating Nutella.

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    • meghashastry says:

      You know actually I forgot to tell you something too..everyone has flaws kid!! My history with liking guys is..I don’t even’s horrible God rejection much is my tagline for life lol. Anyway if you saw my last comment..YOU ARE NOT CREEPY I SERIOUSLY THINK I WANT TO KNOW YOU MORE!! And omg whoever you are more relatable to me than I am to anyone..please how can I talk to you outside WordPress? I’m only on like google plus so sorry..anyway I trust everything you said and I know you wouldn’t hurt anyone because I can feel it through your words..I can understand you. So overall..please you are not all. I am conversing with matter typing, commenting but we still reading and writing right? People like you are the ones who make me feel happy at times like this..I’m in 9th grade and it’s my third day of school and I already cried a 100 times and said I can’t do this..too much pressure..anyway I seriously want to know you so basic info please and a lil contact stuff too (I ain’t coming to ure house ok? Keep it together lol)

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  6. realitycheck1449 says:

    Are we talking about the same person?!! Haha!!! I’m nothing special, well actually I am!! But I understand!! Wait you JUST started school?!! Yea we can talk outside of WordPress!! Ever heard of wattpad?!! Well I’m in love with it!! It’s an amazing site!! You can create a free account and read books that other people wrote!! People of all ages!! But that’s not the only reason the community on wattpad is very supportive and open-minded!! If someone is being mean people will rally around and take a stand!! I’m in love!! I’m obsessed, I mean like literally!! Seriously people should be concerned!! Haha, like their not already!! But yea!! I don’t know why but I trust u too!! But trust me kid, I haven’t got anyway with words!!! But yea!! Bye bye!!
    That’s my rant!!!

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    • meghashastry says:

      Lol by contact I meant like email smarty pants but ya I know watt pad but I’m not sure I really like it..although I wud love to try again and see if I have changed 🙂 my email is if u ever want to talk to me..send me ure name coz idek it. Also..ahhhh I love new friendssss thanks for everything 🙂


  7. realitycheck1449 says:

    Haha!! I knew you meant that. It’s just that I don’t ever check my email. I’m too lazy to do that. But I do check wattpad. You should, it’s amazing. And why thank I know I’m smart. And I do like you, you’re amazing. And a really good writer.

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