I love everything. :)

Okay okay I know I hate one thing at first then I’m like hey! I really like life and stuff..yes, I am dumb and moody most of the time but whatever..that’s just me hehe. Anyway I just realised..the more you focus about what you have..the more you grow to love it. And I don’t mean you are so equipped and have an education and stuff..that’s all good but these past few days..it suddenly came to me that I have amazing friends..they aren’t in my class but they are still there in school and I get to see them all the time.. They laugh with me for everything and they are genuinely my friends..

I don’t enjoy school in ninth grade but what to do? It’s not magic..that I could just change my classmates or my teachers..I’ll have to deal with it. But despite that..my friends are really coming to my attention and I suddenly thought,”Omg! You guys are the best..we are inseparable!!” They wait for me in snack break, lunch break and we even go to our buses with each other..how sweet is that? And I don’t even need anything else..my YouTube channel may not be the most viewed or anything but at least people like my videos..some have told me to keep going and keep making more..one of my friend’s friend wants my freaking autograph..I can’t believe everything that’s happening.

WordPress is another world that belong entirely to me..I’m so happy I get to blog..I’m so happy people like my posts and how I’m relatable..and suddenly all those “cool” kids in my class..actually don’t even matter to me..I’m just always looking forward to my friends who give a shit about me and are waiting for me outside..God it’s been a good 2 days..thanks to all of my friends..they don’t even read my blogs because I haven’t announced that I write a blog but..it’s okay. I love them all and to all the people here who follow me and like my posts or comments..you have no idea how happy that makes me feel..you guys are amazing..this is all I have away from my family..and one of my friends..she said I can make her laugh no matter what situation she’s in and that will stick with me forever..I can’t believe it guys..THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE EVERYTHING :’)

“You never know what funny can do.” – Ellen DeGeneres

ψ Forever and Always ψ


6 thoughts on “I love everything. :)

  1. Tanya Sahay says:

    I agree with you. We sometimes fail to realise that best people are around us. All we need it to open our eyes and our friends will be there. Don’t worry about the cool kids and ninth grade and all of that, focus on what matters and I love your post. Hope you have an amazing day ahead. 😊

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    • meghashastry says:

      The last thing I’m worrying about is the popular kids man..they are seriously so dumb..I love how people like me because I’m real not because I have a lot of boyfriends or followers πŸ™‚ and I totally don’t care so woohoo thank u so much !!anyway how old r u? U sound like ure older than me although ure pic makes u look young and crazy beautiful!!!

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