Don’t judge guys.

Trust me when I say “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I would always say that because a lot of people have judged me and I agree it’s normal it’s alright. Being human is shitty sometimes but I hate to admit to myself that I have committed this sin of judging someone. I’m in 9th grade and yes I absolutely hate it. I hate the studies and pressure a lot but..I really abhore my class and how mixed up my class is. Especially this one girl, I promised I would never ever become friend with someone who was so skinny, had a boyfriend, nice hair, part of the “cool” kids and always wears those girly clothes. I mean she sounds horrible doesn’t she?

And then I don’t know how it happened but one second I’m forced to ask her an answer to a math equation and the next second we are telling each other’s jokes and becoming the life of the classroom. I don’t know from where it came but she is now one of my only friends in that classroom. She has a lot of other people and yes she would still chouse them over me any day but it felt good to think that someone whom I thought was a real mean girl ended up just hating on mean girls herself. God I’m sorry for doing that to her. I hate to judge people. There were two other girls in class whom I already knew and they were supposed to be the ones who would be by my side the whole year but guess what? The person who I least expected to be friends with..became my friend. And those kind of small feelings..are the ones I will truly enjoy. It does bug me that she is also part of two groups (the cool one and…me) but just knowing that she cares more than those other two more than enough.

Guys I don’t even know why we think like this. They may be greatly horrible but end up being amazing which is good but also watch out for the people who you thought were amazing but ended up being total d-bags. I know this one boy in my class and I thought he was nice before I met him because about guys..I always think that but then he ended up being very loud, attention seeking and moderately rude. Well..yikes but I won’t think about that..he’s probably nice to all of his other friends which is good for them. Anyway..that’s it I guess…just remember guys.. don’t judge anyway thing before you know it (unless it’s math because…I’m done seriously I cannot.)

∏ Forever and Always ∏



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