It is that simple. is simple. Why is it that we make it so complicated? For instance, you best friend talks to others more than they talk to you. And when they ask you if something’s say,”No. No. It’s..hard to explain.”’s not!!  It’s alright to tell them that you would appreciate if they were with you a little more. Whatever you want to tell someone..go ahead. I know I know a lot of circumstances are difficult. But never telling them just keeps the hatred, disgust,sadness, jealousy inside you. You have to with it. But always remember there is a fine line between expression of thought and being down right mean. So just think about it and then go ahead. Whether you like that person, you think they are being rude, they have too much attitude..don’t be like them and gossip about it with others…go ahead and just tell them that they need to fix it.

Wheter they do it or not is entirely their fault. And I promise you that soon enough the change will happen. Never try to control what isn’t in your reach. If you like him, you can’t force him to like’s alright. It happens..if it’s true love or whatever then why should you force someone? It’s not right. Simplicity is the key to life guys I’m serious here. Keep your speeches simple, your travel simple, drama should definitely be simple..hehe and of course yourself and your thoughts. Don’t think too much. If it doesn’t feel right..don’t do it. If you think..damn this is what I was meant to do..don’t think twice. That’s it guys..I know this isn’t really THAT related but just wanted to get this out there.


Δ Forever and Always Δ



2 thoughts on “It is that simple.

    • meghashastry says:

      Yes woohoo i aves officially reached my goal!! And pretty quick too 🙂 thank you soooo much it’s because of people like u that want to read it I love u dude I love u all actaully


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