If we could control time..

When you’re a child, a lot of people or more a lot of other children ask you what kind of superpower you would want. As a girl who likes being a boy more, I would’ve said hulk strength or lazer eyes. But inside of me I always always knew I wanted to control time..yikes that would be dangerous maybe and extremely awesome at the same time. Mind reading and flight are closely behind time control. I would really love to fly.. damn.. My point was..by controlling my time, I could go back and see my old self, tell her that boys are not the answer to your problems haha..but seriously. Like sending messages to my younger self. I would never go to the future otherwise..act silly I just don’t want to know where I end up..good or bad.

I can’t really explain I think it but..I want to just be able to see the younger me and spend time with her..she may not understand what I tell her but it’s alright..on one hand I don’t want to change my life because I always believe everything..well most things happen for a reason..but on the other hand..doesn’t everyone have something to change? I know it won’t happen but..let a girl dream no? I could study more..get better grades..stop worrying and crying for so many shitty things..ugh 😦 I guess somethings are meant to be in your imagination..I guess that’s what kept me alive..

∏ Forever and Always ∏


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