Back in the day..

Here is a poem/rap that I wanted to share with you guys. I’ve mentioned this person in my blog before but the thing is..that person is now a friend and my best friend is now..i don’t even know. I really like the way I wrote I hope you all enjoy it!! Thank you so much guys. Sorry for not posting so life is so hectic..I’ll try harder to keep it going. I really want to 🙂

Back in the day we were besties
But one day suddenly you left me
Whatever happened to those days when we said
“We would be together forever” now it’s just a maybe
We’ve been through so much;the both of us
Now I don’t know how it was before
We’ve been through so much stuff. I know
But now we’re strangers;nothing more.

I see you around here and there
But I wanna go with you everywhere
We like the same things
We dream the same dreams
And we agreed that music is our destiny
But even after all those moments we shared
You still never ended up trusting me
And I found out about all the shit you’re in
So I now I regret giving you anything

ℵ Forever and Always ℵ



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