I’m not like the other girls.

I’m not skinny. I am not interested in gossip. I don’t have a boyfriend. My hair is not always perfect. I am not into drama or talking behind other girls’ back. I don’t flirt. Frankly I don’t even know what that means. I don’t put in my hand through boys’ hair for fun or purposely. I am known to be “one of the guys.” I am scary to a lot of people. I am not pretty or hot or gorgeous but people think I’m nice. I don’t have bangs or fringes. I don’t like selfies. I don’t use makeup. I don’t have thin legs like everyone else. I certainly don’t fit into a lot of jeans and skirts. I am very tall for my age and so I appear..big. I’m not allowed to wear shorts other than my uniform ones. I don’t like wearing short shorts and long tops. On the other hand, I’m not allowed to wear crop tops. Not all the boys talk to me because they want to. Most of the boys just need help and that’s okay. I’ve had a lot of bad rumours about me. I don’t like pulling my jacket sleeve all the way to my hands.

I eat a lot of food. I hate looking at the calorie count on my favourite foods. I’m not a Barbie girl, I’m a Transformer one. I don’t even want to be a girl..I have hair on my arms and legs and I don’t shave. I don’t like sharing secrets, the colour pink, wearing short outfits. I don’t have a billion people around me. I have a few very awesome friends. I’m not popular. I don’t know how to giggle…and so much more.

I’m not like them. But who asked me to be? 🙂

∈Forever and Always∋


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