My Shitty Class.

I hate it. I,along with like 3 other children, get blamed for everything that merely 4 kids do. The teachers hate our class, other classes hate our class, people PITY me for being in my class, I hate most of my own class and most of the class hate it too. What the hell..For a mistake done by one kid, oh my god I have so much rage. Our coordinator was in our class saying that we are the worst, most undisciplined, loud, noisy class ever. But she added that not even one person in my class is good or well behaved. I know you’re thinking I might praise myself saying I am well behaved but I know two kids that are..although not me. They are always attentive and quiet but because of all the other people, we all get shouted at. The teacher came around looking at all the students and she stopped at my desk and said,”Now how did someone like you end up in this unfortunate class?” And I was about to say,”OMG right? God.” know I can’t say that and she felt so bad for me that I could see it. I miss last year..everyone is my class was so unique and we as a class were perfect. We were not NOT shouted at and obviously no class can be very well behaved but we were better than the others I’ll tell you that. We had just the right amount of everything;complaints,mischief and praises and grades…and a shit load of fun!! Gosh I feel like crying thinking of it..

This class is full of drama, people flirting with each other, half the class having a girlfriend or boyfriend and hate and bias pieces of shit and loud idiots that don’t know when to shut up even though the coordinator busted our ass 3 times in one day. I can’t even express. We do laugh now and then because of lame jokes but they don’t know when a teacher is pissed off and wants to continue the lesson and not constantly crack jokes. Some guys are just impossible. The girls are even worse. I’m kind of happy I am invisible. But then again I’m like 6 feet so how could you miss me? Ugh I hate when people say that..but..ya gotta live with it sooner or later. When I thought nothing could be worse than my 7th grade class..9th came along too quickly!! Oh yay! Let’s throw a school..with huge and loud speakers that are not allowed..with bad words in each song and that’s not enough? Let the teacher be inside the class too how about that?..That is how my class thinks. Break all the rules and always talk back to teachers..ughh.

∇ Forever and Always ∇