The reason I still love life.

Obviously there are many reasons why I still love my life. Music, travelling, pictures, moments , um hello..WordPress duh and so on. But today my friend that I usually talk to was absent and so another girl sat with me and we talk sometimes but not often. While we were sitting and doing our work, she said,”When will you make more YouTube videos?” and I was just sitting there like omg she cares about my videos..omg she wa5ches them. Then she added,”I really love your videos and I hope you make more soon.” Note that she is the only person who has ever watched ALL my videos and plus wants me to make more…I replied by saying that I’ll post regularly after the exams and I thanked her so much she told me to stop. She said I’m really good and that I can really make people laugh and that..that is my aim in life. To make people feel better about something..anything. Laughter is my àmbition for me and others. And if I make her happy by making videos…screw the rest of the long as ine person still believes in me.. I’m set guys. She doesn’t read WordPress but..huge million thanks to her man..she even told these two guys sitting with us,”Did you know megha has a YouTube channel?” And obviously I’m just awkwardly sitting there not knowing what to say but she made me feel so happy…and I can’t say that PEOPLE like her are the reason why I still love my life but it’s actually just her…who makes me want to keep going. I’m going to make videos because I know she’ll watch them..I’ll do it for her..

∈Forever and Always∋


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