Say this… meant that though.

I love it when parents say ,”Be interested in something you waste youth” or “Have passion towards something fatass of a kid.” You know when I was your age…and that conversation goes on forever which I don’t wanna go into cause I’ll just smash the keyboard. They say shit like that…and when I wanted to take up art as a subject in school, he said and I quote,”Art is the last thing I will let you choose. There is no future in that dead tired.” How inspiring right? I get to follow my passion..which they want FOR ME but it’s totally my choice.

Then I said im gonna take up psychology in 11th grade and most probably do that for my master’s degree. I am extremely interested and excited for psychology it guess what my dad says? I have a feeling you already know this..”There is no future in psychology Megha and take something useful” and omg I got so pissed so I shouted back “I’m sorry but I don’t really care about what you have to say here and I’m doing psychology no matter what. If you want to kick me out of the be it. I’ll somehow study it anyway.” Computer engineering and doctorates are dying Dad..GROW UP MAN. YOU’RE GENERATION IS DEAD AND NEW IDES HAVE COME. I’m sorry..not really though. Anyway I’m only a deranged teenager right dad? That’s what you always said right dad? So this is one of my dumb decisions that I’m sticking to.

Also during my exam,depending on which exam I always go out for 2 hours and play badminton..and he knows I’m passionate about it guys..he knows. I play so well but 1.They never come to see me play or play with me…but 2.They won’t lemme play..WTF? So what am I doing with MY LIFE? Am I just letting you guys play with it and they’ll 4uin it like everything else they’ve done..did you know that my friends are scared of him? He always ruins my fun and never lets me goes for sleepovers or many parties..why me? I have these friends in my apartment and they are my #SQUAD but guess what? My dad doesn’t like any of them..not even one…he told me to leave them but they’re all I’ve got.. I barely have 2 friends in school now and there’s no way I’m leaving my squad. They are my life. So dad..stop making ALL my decisions.. thanks for all your help and support but I’m not 6 anymore. People tend to grow should know. Why is it so hard for parents to understand that? After all, they keep telling us that they were children once too…

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