The World Is Going To End.


This is what India looks like during Diwali from space…but what no one tells us is that it’s also covered with a thick ring of smoke. It’s said from scientists that during Diwali..India sometimes is hard to find from space..because IT CANNOT BE SEEN!! Like how exciting is that huh? It’s horrible.. It’s said that Antarctica and other exotic places will only be around till everyone should visit these places and complete their bucket list before then.. What kind of enjoyment is that? India itself is on the verge of collapsing, both physically and mentally. The poverty of India is never going to stop. In fact it may even rise. The job opportunities in India are actually less than we think and even on a narrow basis of school..they are not teaching well or there’s too much stress and the child ends up losing their mind.

Physically there have been many storms and too much pressure gradient and temperatures are rising to a record high in 2016 and it’s very scary what can happen with a few degrees more or less in a country. Since I’ve been to Dubai..I know the weather there and’s better than Bangalore. It’s cooler..IN DUBAI than in Bangalore. Slowly, the world will end. This place is destined for doom okay? And you and I both know that. There’s no saving the Earth. There’s only slowing it down. While we muck about our usual lives complaining about everything..the world is coming to an end day by day. I’m not saying that we should leave everything and become priests or something but..I was just thinking.. I gotta travel before everything dies..I don’t know the point of this post but..I just felt suddenly like everything is collapsing which made me kinda scared. But.. I don’t even know about the world.

                                                      Forever and Hopefully Always 


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