How to balance your life..

Guess what? It’s really don’t. Guys not a day goes by that I don’t check  WikiHow on how to balance your work and play or how to get good grades or even how to be happy. And you’re not wrong to. No one knows anything without Google these days and hey..we have to deal with the fact that our generation is pretty much only technology. But my point’s so hard to balance life..especially when you’re in 9th grade..when you come to end up not having a life aside from doing homework or projects and such..I lost my friends too although they are still tight with the rest of my group..and I can’t go out anywhere because I always have something or the other from school or about school to submit the next day. I’m not even able to study because of the amount of work I have to do..legit I have no life at home..actually home is school and school is school so where’s the room to do what I want? Like I don’t know being able to breathe for a second and not keep rushing everywhere..

I don’t even have time for a movie with wonder I ain’t got any..I can’t even say hi to hikikomori in school because some or their other teacher will tell me to go do something or I’ll have dance practice..all of a sudden it’s so much work flooding school actually doesn’t teach SHIT. All they give a f**k about is grades and marks and marks and grades UGH!! I’m so tired of this shit. But can I just leave it I’m just trying to work everything out the best I can and I’m the kind of person who will try to get everything done no matter how long I got to stay up or anything so hopefully I’ll finish my three projects and dance choreography by tomorrow..wish me luck..hopefully you’re life is more balanced than mine..

∏Forever and Dying Always∏


One thought on “How to balance your life..

  1. Hikikomori ;; says:

    I thought I was the only one who read stuff like that on wikihow 😂 I think we’re all a bit stressed because 9th grade, but hopefully it’ll be better by 10th. I think we just get used to it eventually.


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