They found it..

It seems as though my friends found out my blog..and by friends I mean the ones at school..who were not supposed to find it…I don’t really mind to be honest but it’s just that they don’t understand when I say that I didn’t want people who I know to see it. People judge pretty..harshly and I’ve experienced it first hand so..I’m not around to try that again..and it’s not that I don’t want to share my thoughts or “secrets” with my friends but somethings are just not for people to know just to read and forget or for me to just vent out my humans..whatever we don’t weird for us..there’s this guy in my class who no one really likes..I mean like by personality he is said to be..not so nice and stuff but he was my best friend who told me to write this blog and one of my friends who found out about the blog was really surprised and I don’t blame her but..why wasn’t he allowed to be my best friend? By the way..I don’t have any best friends..either I don’t share every moment with them which is usually what best friend is defined as..or they just aren’t willing to stick around..

As far as I wanna go with this post..if you school friends are reading this..just keep it to yourselves..I don’t mind if people read my blog but I don’t want all the people mentioned to get in the drama or I don’t want people judging them and I know I can handle it for sure but I don’t want the other person to have to handle it. So please just..try and understand why I would’ve kept it away from you and not because you aren’t my friend or whatever. And again to be clear..I really do not have any best friends…there’s a lot of things about me that even my “best friends” don’t know..cause that’s just how it is..I’m sorry but..not really sorry. I guess I do need to open up more but then when that

∨ Forever and Always Happy With Myself∧


4 thoughts on “They found it..

  1. Aditya Kaushal says:

    I’m so so happy you’re still continuing with this and its great you’re being you.
    dont let anybody ever sidetrack you and carry on with your hopes and aspirations ; you’re going far in life man , don’t ever doubt that.
    stay true , dream big never stop 🙂
    – a well wisher 😀

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    • meghashastry says:

      Omg..I would certainly not be here if it wasn’t for you man..I didn’t even know what blogging was before you told me..thanks for being there..and thank you so much for the motivation I really need it 🙂 btw correction: we’re going far in life. You remember right? The travelling, the bucket lists, concerts? better coz I can feel it..we’re gonna get there 😀 for sure.


  2. maanini says:

    Hey Megha, you’re definitely going far in life. I mean, look at you…you’re a super-talented writer, gifted dancer, amazing poet and (I bet) an excellent psychologist. What’s there to worry about? Sure, there are weird people who are being judgemental, but don’t let that hold you back…You’re too good for them. They’re behind for a reason. 😉

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