Our lives is only running..

via Daily Prompt: Marathon

I just realised that I haven’t been on WordPress for two months almost..why? Because I’m always busy with school or studies or exams or school..there’s no time for anything anymore. Even reading the newspaper puts me behind on my daily schedule. I feel like for everyone..our lives has become a marathon. I know that’s not really what you would think when someone says the word ‘marathon’ but since I’m always deep and wierd..it’s crazy how we all just fit in to this nice world and never do anything for ourselves until it doesn’t matter. I want to write, I want to cycle and so many other things but I never get around to doing it because something’s always in the way..something that you can’t just push aside or ignore. Sometimes it’s my parents, sometimes it’s school. I don’t know where we have left our happiness but I sure hope I can find mine again. I know people can write better posts for this topic and I’m so glad that I get to read them 🙂 these two months have been crazy..I’ve been studying so much that my brain can’t even process the simple information anymore. And they gave us two holidays after our final exams but after that we have to go back and start studying for 10th grade..it’s crazy how fast I’m growing up and how much I’ve already missed. But I guess I’ll just have to keep moving huh? There’s no turning back..even though that’s what we want the most..

≡Forever and Always ≡


4 thoughts on “Our lives is only running..

  1. mii says:

    Good luck with everything Megha~ (haha long time no see…if you still remember me briefly…haha and i think i deleted my blog, too so yeah…but yeah…i was just visiting your blog and I wanted to say hi)
    I’m sorry that you feel this way; nevertheless, I’ll be praying for better days for you and I 🙂 I hope that you’ll never give up on your vivid dreams~~ ❤️
    I just wanted to say that you’re such an amazing, talented, determined person and that you are so awesome for being able to keep your blog running for over a year. That requires so much persistence, passion, and effort (hehe i failed in keeping my blog running lol), and I really admire your determination~
    See you around!

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    • meghashastry says:

      Omg hiiii it’s been so long miiiiii!!! AHHH how r u doing? Ure the first blog I subscribed to you know tht? You’re my inspiration from the foetus days 😛 I rly miss you and actually I’ve been taking too many breaks from the blog and it’s still the same as it used to be…but thank you so much..you don’t know how much it means to me that you wanted to see my blog..this is all I have that’s exciting in my life..so thanks for keeping it alive…I rly hope you start writing again soon I actually wait for ure updates.. 😀 thank you so much I love youuuu talk to me on hangouts if u wanna :)) thanks for commenting I’m so glad I got at least a brief convo

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      • mii says:

        hehe i never new that T.T ~~ That’s so cool~~ lol now you’re my inspiration in my olden days 😛 I miss you, too ❤ I hope you're doing well~ Don't worry about the breaks! As long as you keep trying! Sometimes we need a break, but it's still important to hustle haha~
        And Oh! Yes! We should talk on hangouts hehe i'm a total noob with google tool things but i'd love to try it out! (lol do i just find your gmail and start messaging from there? T.T i really don't know but yeah hehe)~

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