Bangtan Sonyeondan

Oh god. They make me so happy.

BTS. They are a Korean pop band that’s now got a lot of recognition around the world. They produce and write their own music and they are all very delightful people. BTS is not a band for everyone and I totally understand that. I don’t force anyone to listen to it if they didn’t want to. I respect that but it seems that they just cant do the same. I like BTS. If you don’t that’s fine but you don’t have to hate on me and them just because you don’t like it. I have so many friends that like BTS and I’m happy I get to share some moments with them but its not like I live and breathe BTS. I talk about other stuff too. Its just that they make up so much of me now so I may get carried away.

My point is..don’t hate on me because I like BTS..i don’t hate on you because you don’t like them.. I have lost friends because I like Kpop. My friend has lost some of her friends because they didn’t like it and they thought all she did was talk about them so they just…left? She does talk about BTS a lot and so do I but you should see how happy she is when she talks about them..she literally lights up..I would never want to ruin that. So I was always there fangirling with her even though I didn’t know them that well. And now I do. But no one can accept that im happy because of them. I think they’re hot. You might not. Just listen to what I wanna say or tell me that I talk about it too much. I cant stand that these people just degrade them just because they’re not “my type of music.” My only solution now is to just try and quit talking about it altogether around these kinda people and wait till I can fangirl with my other BTS Army.

Thanks for listening to my rant guys.. I really appreciate it. Just writing what I feel. This applies to almost everything but in my case as of now..its my “weird taste in music” according to some people. SO ya..that’s it..have a nice day 😀

♥Forever and Always♥


5 thoughts on “Bangtan Sonyeondan

  1. mii says:

    Ahhhh~~~ I’m an ARMY too :)) hehe
    i’m sorry that you and your friends have lost friends because of your love for kpop though 😥 but haters gonna hate lol~ Hope you’re having a nice day! ❤️ 💕 💞 💓

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  2. meghashastry says:

    OMG yaaay ARMY buddy!! ya thanks but they r already outta mah life coz bts just took their space BOOM! BURNNN idk im so happy hehe. I HOPE U HAVE A NICE DAY! u made my day by saying tht btw 😀 thanksss ❤


  3. theshelfofmusings says:

    Omg same :””)) BTS are literally my life. They take me through all of the bad patches and the sad days, and I’d be lying if I say that they are 7 of the very few people that keep me alive. I lost some friends too because of k-pop, but I don’t care because Bangtan gives me everything I need 🙂

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      • theshelfofmusings says:

        OMG IKR? How can it be called a world tour if they don’t even bother visiting India? I think they should do a continent tour or something lol


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