I met someone.

Haha I know it sounds like I met a guy who I feel like I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. Hell no. I met this lady  (also not someone I’m spending the rest of my life with) who we were consulting for my brother’s college application. He’s not the brightest kid but I hope he does something with his life later. She agreed to be his recommendation in case the colleges wanted to call or refer or anything.

So we met at Café Coffee Day (which is so cool because I only see people meeting like that in movies lol) and her appearance already made her look so distinguished and all. She is so freaking smart. She talked about different colleges in different countries and how so many of her students (aka clients basically) were sent to all parts of the world for all sorts of education and I’m like holy shit I’m in love. She knew so much about different countries while my one track minded parents kept pushing at the U.S. because my brother and I are citizens there. When my dad said, ”Please don’t notice how bad the marks are, I’m sorry,” I went nuts obviously because not everyone is like perfect okay? I know he doesn’t try and he is at fault but I don’t know I got all defensive #SiblingGoals (jk jk).She replied saying that his grades are not new to her because shes had all types of students and that’s pretty cool. My grades suck shit too though…woohoo… I don’t even know if I can show her when I need recommendation.

One of the important things I heard was when she said it might be a good idea to take a year off or a break from school and my parents looked at her like she’d just committed a sin you know? Like its impossible for Indians to even THINK of anything outside the flow of society or just stop for a minute and really decide what you want to do. I don’t remember much because I wasn’t paying too much attention but she definitely knows her shit. I hope to build my profile like that one day. Till then… FIGHTING!! 🙂

§ Forever and Always §


5 thoughts on “I met someone.

  1. maanini says:

    Wish you all the luck for everything you try, Megha! Hope to see you next year in ISC and I know you have really worked hard this year. Don’t worry about your grades, you probably aced your boards! #Friendshipgoals

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    • meghashastry says:

      Thanks a lot maanini. I really appreciate you sticking with me all this time. Im going to IB but i’ll visit you and Anjali all the time ok? Promise me you’ll keep blogging too! Congrats on 100+ followers 🙂 You’re my master now hehe

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