To my parents| Poem.

Why do my parents love me
It makes no fucking sense
Why do they feel that I will be
Something great and so immense

I really hate to be the one
To put them down so hard
I wish I was a smarter child
So i could win their heart

They give me everything
While I ask for more
Why can’t I just be
someone that they adore

I really wish I wasn’t born
Coz I’m not good enough
I wish they had a better child
Coz I’ll never be that though

They always want the best for me
And thats what really sucks
They believe so much in me
While I fuck everything up

I hate to see my parents cry
especially because of me
but its not their fault that I’m an ass
I wish I was what they’d like me to be

I really hate to disappoint
but that’s just who I am
I’ll never improve in anything
My life is just a scam

∈ Forever and Always ∋


One thought on “To my parents| Poem.

  1. GoodVibesNation. says:

    I grew up in a very similar family, with pressure to be this perfect idol. Thank God, that we do not have to impress anyone, because he is already impressed with us. Focus on yourself, and do not worry about what everyone else thinks. For you are not of this world, you are of God. If you are of God, and not of this earth, you are not bound by anything in this earth, giving you freedom to live in full peace and joy. May God reveal his Shalom to you, comforting the anxiety of not being good enough, for you will always be good enough and better!

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