I Wish I Liked Her.

Hey guys. I’m back!! Temporarily of course because tenth grade doesn’t allow you to breathe. I’m done with an exam, had a two week holiday, now I’m almost done with another exam and then another 3 week holiday and then another exam WOOHOO!! Isn’t that exciting? By the way guys I’m sorry if this is too wierd of a post. I really wanted to say this to someone and I love WordPress but I hope you guys don’t feel awkward about it or anything. Sorry in advance.

Anyway I shall rant about that another time. Today I wanted to talk about someone special. It sounds really wierd sorry. There’s honestly no other way to put it. Is it just me or have you had a friend that you want to like but you don’t? Or at least you don’t like them yet because you’re discovering yourself and what not? I am there. I don’t know about the discovering myself part but I have this friend who is a girl. She is everything I look for in a person. She’s always cheerful, me and another friend of mine dragged her into the dark hole that is kpop and now she likes kpop which is good because we have the same taste in music (very important by the way) in both kpop and other genres (which is even better), she always manages to make me smile, we’ve never fought, we agree on basically everything, she’s so thug and cool and cute at the same time, she’s definitely beautiful (like generally) and we go together so well. We used to be friends a few years ago and didn’t talk to each other much cause she would always get in trouble and I would be that good kid that the teachers liked (used to though lol) and I would bail her out. Then this year, we became so much closer and she is such a funny person. To me, nothing is more important than someone being able to make you laugh. Her smile is amazing too! There’s so much more I want to say and I hope she never sees this because I don’t want it to ruin things or make things awkward between us.

The thing is guys…as of now, I know I don’t like girls. I’m not saying it as a bad thing or shaming others or whatever but honestly as of now, I highly doubt that I like girls…but I wish I liked this girl. I want to like her because she’s everything I look for in a person. There is nothing wrong with her!! I know I don’t like her but this is killing me. I just hope she’s my friend for however long it is possible. There are so many days i go to school and I’d feel so down cause I hate school and stress and stuff but she can make me smile before half the day is even over. By lunch time I’ll be going crazy and feeling ecstatic just because she made me feel better. That is the best gift in the world. Its amazing how perfect she is guys..I’m so glad I met her. I really hope she doesn’t see this.

Forever and Always♥


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