Hey! Back at it again!! I just realized I’ve been to many places in India but never made a DESTINATION post about it. I started it with Dubai thinking I’ll go to a lot of international places but who am I kidding? Its cool I like India too ❤ Anyway, we went to Goa in April as a celebration for the completion of my board exams! There was nothing much to do other than go to the beach but obviously sunsets and sunrises means only two things: get a tan! (hahahaha I meant for white people. I’m fifty shades of brown) and pictures! So I took some instagram-worthy pictures but I ain’t looking for likes:



I’m pretty good right? Well either way I praise myself because nobody will so I’m covered don’t worry. Hehe. Anyway we stayed in the resort mostly and the beach was right behind the resort so it was easily to go there every morning and night. Sadly, it was a little humid but come on, it’s the beach..who cares? We ate at an amazing restaurant-bar called Martin’s Corner and the food there was OMG; the cheesecake,the noodles,the fries (yes I had fries but they were out of this world) and even the ambience was amazing. You know why? It was for foreigners obviously. I hate not being white sometimes.IMG_7384

The height of the trip was probably the boat ride but its not like I’ve never been on one but the landscape was really nice!


That’s all we did in a span of 4 days and even though it was hot, sticky and kind of annoying because there were other weird families travelling in the boat…it was really a much needed break from all the stupid stress of completing exams and waiting for the results that everyone in the world will judge you on.. No pressure at all.

Forever and Always≥


Destination: MALDIVES!

Oh My God. I have been to beaches before but man have I never seen an island. This place is to die for. Seriously if I had a choice about where to die, it would be the Maldives. (That’s the only island I’ve been to..I know there are more but sadly, another time)

I can’t even begin with the size of the island we went to. Maldives is a group of islands so we only went to one of them after stopping through Male, the capital of Maldives and also where the airport is. There were so many different kinds of was beautiful. Its one of the moments when you randomly savour human existence 😛 The flight was amazing I went with my uncle and his family and his sons are the cutest ever. We arrived at the airport only to find that we need a boat to get to the resort and that was so exciting. It was a little humid but if its a beach, I couldn’t care less.

I’m one to take a lot of pictures but not of myself, only the good looking Instagram ones even though I don’t have an account. This is one of the pictures I took on the first evening there:IMG_6107

I know right? It’s not real. It can’t be. Anyway the resort was WAAAY too good for me and it was all so clean and beautiful. There were hammocks outside every other house so that was a major plus. Turns out there is a marriage area there too. In the open. Its really pretty both in the morning and at night: IMG_6113

I just want to get married because this is there. Anyway, then we went snorkeling!! It was amazing!! I can’t describe it because I don’t want to and I want you to check it out for yourself!! Honestly, it was one of the most happiest moments in my life. I’m kinda scared of the ocean because of how deep it can be but snorkeling was at the surface which was great. The fishes and sharks were unbelievably colourful. I think I saw at least 10 different types of fish ❤ Of course then theres swimming and lazing and enjoying so that’s exactly what we did. We went around the resort garden and pool and it was serene. Oh and just a minor detail… I WENT PARASAILING!! That was one of the things on my bucket list so…CHECK! That was when I realized I was scared of the ocean because if I fell from that height…Brr.. Check it out:IMG_6245

Okay I’m gonna try and end there otherwise I’ll keep going on about how clean and strikingly beautiful Maldives was. Please if you have time..really take a vacation there. It is worth every penny 🙂

∇ Forever and Always


OMG GUYS I WENT TO DUBAI FOR MY OCTOBER VACATION!!! The trip was pretty good although I expected more but ive been wanting to go there for sometime so it was a great time and plus it’s my happy moment before getting my exam papers and ya..disappointing my parents is great right? Ugh. 😞 Anyway I’m not on my iPad so I can’t show you pictures but I will in the next post (only if you would like to see them..) anyway I went to the Dubai mall which was huuuuuge omg it was bigger than my school I swear and I got a snapback which looks so pretty!! I got some gifts for my three friends too and I hope they like it..because they were pretty costly..

I went to Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi which is a theme park but I thought it was a huge ass showroom. Nevertheless it was beyond beautiful. The cars there are soooo I don’t even know what to say..magical,amazing,unbelievably sleek and beautiful. I took loads of pics everywhere. Went on the world’s fastest rollercoaster too!! It’s called formula rosso and it goes at like 240 kmph apparently. They gave us goggles so we won’t get whiplash wow. Need for speed! And the marina walk is so long but so worth it because the lights are so beautiful and really nighttime in Dubai is truly magical. My flight sucked though.. such rude service and they didn’t even give me water. I’m serious. I met my long lost friend the Burj Khalifa which was great because I hadn’t seen him from our birth. (Cause everyone calls me Burj Khalifa).

Along with that,the roads are damn clean and wide too for better transport which is great but they can’t do that in India noooooo. Also there are no potholes or speed breakers because everyone follows the rules and don’t screw with the road construction. As of now I have a lot of work to do and no time so I’m gonna go but I’ll keep trying to post and post the pictures too. Take care guys 😉

∗Forever and Always∗