To my parents| Poem.

Why do my parents love me
It makes no fucking sense
Why do they feel that I will be
Something great and so immense

I really hate to be the one
To put them down so hard
I wish I was a smarter child
So i could win their heart

They give me everything
While I ask for more
Why can’t I just be
someone that they adore

I really wish I wasn’t born
Coz I’m not good enough
I wish they had a better child
Coz I’ll never be that though

They always want the best for me
And thats what really sucks
They believe so much in me
While I fuck everything up

I hate to see my parents cry
especially because of me
but its not their fault that I’m an ass
I wish I was what they’d like me to be

I really hate to disappoint
but that’s just who I am
I’ll never improve in anything
My life is just a scam

∈ Forever and Always ∋


Like We Used To| Poem.

Why can’t we be
Like we used to
Why can’t we see
Like little kids do

Why can’t we learn
Like we used to
Why can’t we play
Like little kids do

Why do we grow up
Even if we don’t want to
Why can’t we be
Like we used to

Why can’t we question
Like we used to
Why can’t we dream
Like little kids do

Why can’t we eat
Like we used to
I just want to live
Like little kids do

Why do we have rules
Unlike what we used to
And now little kids
Have to go through this too.

〈 Forever and Always Reminiscing 〉

You and Her | Poem

I’m not exactly jealous
But there’s no other word
To describe how I feel
When you’re hanging out with her

I wish I could be her
Not skinny, pretty or nice
The reason I want to be her
Is because she has you by her side

I’ve never seen you laugh before
It was a beautiful sight
I wish I was the one to cause that
The reason for that light

But I’ll never let you know
How I really feel
Because I know my time has passed
And I can’t turn back the wheel

But never misunderstand
The respect I have for you
Because as log as you’re happy
I really don’t care with who∼

≡Forever and Always≡

HEY 🙂 I know it’s been a while so here’s a poem to make up for that. I wrote this when I found out my ex-crush (is that a thing? it sounds so weird and stalker-ish) got a girlfriend now. I promise I’m over everything with him and all although that took A LOT OF TIME AND TEARS and stuff. Anyway I know he’s not reading this but just wanted to say that I hope he’s happy because that always comes first. Happiness 🙂

I’m losing everything.|Poem.

I’m losing my hair
I’m losing my eyes
I’m losing my patience
I’m losing my mind

I’m losing to stress
I’m losing so much
I’m losing my friends
I’m losing the touch

I’m losing my brain
I’m losing my sight
I’m losing my cool
I’m losing my might

I’m losing to her
I’m losing to him
I’m losing motivation
To get a little slim

I’m losing who i am
I’m losing who i used to be
I’m losing that glam
That I had before this shitty new ‘me’

Hey guys I hope you liked that and by the way…I’m literally losing my hair and eyes…I am very frightened by my hair loss and my eye power keeps growing and I’m scared I’ll be blind by’s really not funny…I hate glasses..So if anyone has any tips or help or anything…please I would appreciate it all! I hope you all liked this 🙂 Thanks byee 😀

       ≤ Forever and Always…right? ≥

At the Border|Poem.

i wrote a poem to the soldiers in the border that protect us every single day and night so we can sleep happily thinking of problems like exams and friends and no food for an hour..while they go through so much just for us. I don’t understand why they do it..they shouldn’t have to…I don’t know..

To the Army we how our heads
Who keeps us far from death
O brave and valiant ones
Who were common men once

They serve our country
With sacrifice and pride
So we can live another day
And see another sunrise

Little do we know
About their lifestyle there
But all they for us is care
Don’t you think that’s a bit unfair?

Finally we say our thanks
To the men of higher ranks
Here is a poem of gratitude
Please forgive our unruly attitude

≡ Forever and Always ≡

Nature at its best.

Hey guys!  My inner poet has come out so here’s another one!! Also I’m running low on what to write for my later blogs..can you guys suggest a few ideas please?? Thank you so guys are like my family..not are my family 🙂

Here’s the poem:

The next time a boy tells you
Oh my gosh you are so beautiful
Take a small look at the sky
Where the free birds fly

No one appreciates nature
In a way that it should be
But the world’s best feature
Is anything but free

I’m looking at a sunset
Spreading through the horizon
It’s hue in so many colours
Bringing life to nearby flowers

The sky a burning red
The sky a mix of shades
Of blue and purple and a tinge of orange
Throwing light in the deepest of caves

If you saw it right now
Your boy would be the last thing on your mind
Looking up at the sky
Leaving all those worries behind
And staring at paradise

Megha Shastry

 Λ Forever and Always Λ


Life as we know it.

This is another poem. I’ve been writing a lot of these lately..hope you like it..although I’m not as good as Tanya Sahay with her ‘Enough.’ poem. That was beautiful Tanya!! By the way..mine is pretty long. Please don’t get bored.. I sorry!

When you are young
You play for fun
Don’t care about life
No need of a husband or wife

When you are young
Your dreams are made of joy
Have 101 toys
And your thoughts are complete

As you turn 13
Now begins the flirting
And your dad blames your actions
On being a teenager..

Soon enough your sweet 16
And you’ve graduated a stage of life
Ready for learners license
And finally the talk for a husband or wife

You think finally I’m 18
But life has passed so fast
Now is the time to start creating
Or in the real world you’ll be last

Then comes the job
And the mob of bills to be paid
Losing life as we know it
Serving bosses like maids

Then have an arranged marriage
Then the baby in the carriage
Not at all happy here
The end of your life is near

Soon you’ll be 40 years old
And your story is being told
And then you’ll realise
I’ve been wasting life all this while

It may be too late
Or entirely the beginning
It may upto fate
Or it may end up useless
But either way it goes
You’ll live life to every day
With heads high and stretched toes
You’ll go all the way

You only live once
You only die once
Whichever way you take it
You’ll only be free for now
So choose to which you are fit

-Megha Shastry

Forever and Always ⊗


Just a small poem..

I’m not such a great poet but I wrote this in 2 minutes right now and I really like it and would love to share it so here it is.

When I was small
didn’t care at all
What people said
Or what they had meant

When I was young
I played for fun
People said I was a mess
But I cudnt care less

Once in school
They said some words
And I started thinking
Have I become worse?
I shook the thought
Because I didn’t care
But in the back of head
The thought wasn’t dead

In middle school
Things started to change
I was a fool
Got trapped in the cage
Of people’s comments
And their remarks
Made me feel insecure
About my awesome trademark
I would stay up late
Thinking what should I do
For them to like me
Shud I turn into them too?
Those were the worst years of my life
Picking all the wrong fights
When I could’ve been happy
With all the friends by my side
Instead if being myself
I fought to be someone else
But ended up crying
At home on my bed

Then high school came around
There was nothing to be found
As I had gathered myself
Into one piece,safe and sound
I helped others realise
That being them isn’t all there is
And now look where I am
Best friends and good grades?
Man I surely have changed.
I opened passions I didn’t know
Decided to go with the flow
Always thinking that right now
Its the beginning not the end.

hope you liked it!! 

                                                     Forever and Always